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Multiple AI templates

The free WYSIWYG website builder provides a comprehensive suite of over 9500 website blocks, alongside an expansive selection of pre-made AI website themes and templates. These resources span an extensive array of life and business fields, accommodating diverse needs. Premium themes and page templates, reflecting cutting-edge web design trends, come loaded with customization options. This allows for the easy creation of visually appealing and functional websites without the need for deep technical knowledge.


How to make websites with free WYSIWYG website builder?

1. Downloading the App

To start creating your website with a free WYSIWYG builder, the first step is to download the application suitable for your operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux) or opt for the online version if available. This ensures you have access to all the necessary tools and features to begin your website development journey without the need for advanced web development skills.

2. Starting with AI

Once the application is installed or accessed online, initiate your website creation process by leveraging the AI-driven features available. These AI tools can guide you through selecting templates, generating content, and structuring your site based on your preferences and the type of website you aim to create, making the initial setup process intuitive and efficient.

3. Choosing a Template

Browse through the extensive library of templates provided by the website builder. Select a design that closely matches the vision and requirements of your website. Consider your niche, target audience, and the message you want to convey when making your choice. The right template serves as a strong foundation, simplifying the design process and ensuring your website is visually appealing.

4. Customizing Your Site

After selecting a template, dive into customizing your website. Utilize the WYSIWYG editor to modify elements such as fonts, colors, and images to align with your brand identity. Add, remove, or edit pages and content to accurately reflect the purpose of your website. This step is crucial for making your site unique and tailored specifically to your needs and preferences.

5. Adding Features and Functionalities

Explore the features and functionalities offered by the website builder to enhance your website. Whether you need an e-commerce platform, contact forms, social media integrations, or other widgets, adding these elements is straightforward. Select from the available options to incorporate them into your site, ensuring a rich user experience and adherence to your website’s objectives.

6. Publishing Your Website

After finalizing your website’s design and content, proceed to publish your site. Review everything thoroughly to ensure accuracy and functionality. Most WYSIWYG builders offer a one-click publishing option, making your website live on the internet. Further, consider connecting a custom domain to enhance your brand’s professionalism and credibility. Monitor your site’s performance regularly to make necessary adjustments for optimization.

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Development Сompany
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Web Saas App Demo
Web Saas App Demo
Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp
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Edit locally and publish wherever

Opt for flexibility by publishing your website to a local drive, transferring it via FTP, hosting it on *, or even by connecting a custom domain. This approach liberates you from being tied to a single platform or service provider. It empowers you with complete ownership and command over your website, ensuring your online presence is exactly as you envision, free from restrictions and limitations imposed by others. Take charge, your site belongs solely to you.

Start selling online

Elevate your website by incorporating cutting-edge e-commerce capabilities through the Smart Cart and Simple Shop extensions for your app. Seamlessly attach a shop to your site, effortlessly manage dynamic product cards, and streamline the ordering process. With just a few clicks, transform how you manage inventory and how customers interact with your products. Orders can be effortlessly redirected straight to your WhatsApp, email, Stripe, or PayPal, ensuring a smooth transactional process for both you and your consumers.

Get social

Enhance your website's dynamism by integrating diverse social feed extensions, allowing you to display Instagram photos, Facebook updates, and the freshest content from TikTok and YouTube directly on your site. This seamless incorporation keeps your audience engaged with real-time updates and multimedia content, fostering a vibrant, interactive experience. By showcasing the latest from your social media channels, you create a comprehensive digital presence that draws visitors into your world, promoting increased interaction and connectivity.

Build a mobile-friendly site

Ensuring your customers can effortlessly access your services on their mobile devices is pivotal. Websites designed with contemporary apps inherently possess mobile-friendly designs. This adaptability is not just about user convenience; it’s a necessity in today's digital landscape. Google, recognizing the significance of mobile accessibility, prioritizes mobile-friendly sites in its search rankings. This built-in compatibility boosts your visibility online, directly enhancing your site’s discoverability and potentially increasing your audience reach.

View and edit website code

For websites needing advanced personalization, the Code Editor extension becomes indispensable. This tool allows for direct manipulation of HTML/CSS, granting the power to tailor every aspect of a site precisely. Users can integrate external plugins to expand functionality or craft unique HTML blocks to fit specific needs. It's the perfect solution for those aiming to customize their website beyond standard options, offering the freedom to implement distinct, complex features seamlessly.

Key free WYSIWYG website builder features


AI Generation

AI generation in a free WYSIWYG website builder transforms the website creation process, making it more efficient and intuitive. This innovative feature employs artificial intelligence to suggest design elements, layouts, and content, tailored to the user's preferences and goals. It simplifies the design process by automatically generating sections of the site, offering customized suggestions, and facilitating the creation of professional-looking websites with minimal effort. This allows users, regardless of their technical expertise, to craft unique and aesthetically pleasing websites that stand out, making the design process both enjoyable and accessible to everyone.


Export and Publish Anywhere

The feature to export and publish anywhere grants users unparalleled flexibility and control over their website's deployment. With this capability, users can take the site they've created and export it as a cohesive package, which can then be published on any web hosting platform or server of their choice. This is particularly useful for those who wish to move their site to a specific hosting environment to meet unique requirements or for additional customization. It ensures users are not tied to one platform and can freely choose their site's hosting solution, providing freedom in how and where their website lives on the internet.


Offline Mode

The inclusion of an offline mode in a free WYSIWYG website builder is a game-changer for web design. This feature allows users to continue designing and editing their websites without an internet connection. Once back online, all changes can be synchronized with the online version. This is particularly beneficial for users who frequently find themselves in areas with unstable internet connections or who prefer to work on the go. It ensures that the creative process is never halted, providing users with the flexibility to work on their web projects anytime and anywhere, thereby enhancing productivity and convenience in website creation.


Drag-and-Drop Interface

The drag-and-drop interface of a free WYSIWYG website builder simplifies the web design process, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. This intuitive feature lets users visually construct their website by dragging elements like text boxes, images, buttons, and videos directly onto the canvas. It eliminates the need for coding knowledge, allowing users to focus on the creative aspects of web design. The direct manipulation of elements on the page helps users to see changes in real-time, making it easier to achieve the desired layout and ensure that their website looks exactly as envisioned with minimal effort.


Customizable Templates

Customizable templates are a cornerstone feature of a free WYSIWYG website builder, providing users with a solid head start in the web design process. These templates offer a variety of design frameworks suited for different purposes, be it a personal blog, portfolio, or e-commerce site. They serve as a versatile foundation that can be easily tailored to fit the user's brand identity and content needs. With the ability to customize everything from colors to fonts, and layout structures, users can transform these templates into a unique web presence, saving time and effort while still achieving a professional-looking website.


Built-in Security Features

Built-in security features in a free WYSIWYG website builder ensure that websites are not only visually appealing but also secure. These features can include SSL encryption, protection against DDoS attacks, and secure hosting environments. By automatically integrating these security measures, the website builder provides peace of mind for users, protecting their website and visitors from potential threats. This is especially important in an age where cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated. Users can focus on crafting their perfect website, knowing that it will be safeguarded against common vulnerabilities without needing to become cybersecurity experts.


SEO Optimization Tools

SEO optimization tools embedded within a free WYSIWYG website builder are essential for enhancing a website's visibility on search engines. These tools guide users through optimizing their site's content and structure to rank higher in search results. By providing insights into keywords, meta tags, and other SEO best practices, the builder makes it simpler for users without prior SEO knowledge to make their websites more discoverable. This feature is crucial for attracting more traffic to the site, ensuring that the hard work put into design and content creation contributes to a wider audience reach and greater online success.


Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is a critical feature in a free WYSIWYG website builder, ensuring websites look and function flawlessly across all devices. With the growing number of mobile users, a website builder that automatically adjusts the layout, images, and functionalities for mobile devices is indispensable. This feature guarantees that the user's website delivers a seamless experience, whether it's being viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. By prioritizing mobile responsiveness, the builder helps in improving user engagement and satisfaction, crucial factors that contribute to the overall success of any online presence in today's mobile-centric world.


Analytics Integration

Analytics integration in a free WYSIWYG website builder allows users to effortlessly track the performance of their website. By offering straightforward access to data such as page views, user behavior, and conversion rates, the builder enables site owners to make informed decisions to improve their website. This feature is essential for understanding the audience better, refining marketing strategies, and enhancing the overall user experience. It empowers users to leverage data-driven insights for ongoing website optimization, ensuring that their site not only looks good but also performs effectively, meeting the goals set by the website owner.

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What experts say

Have you ever had a moment of brilliance in the shower, only for it to slip away as quickly as it came? I'm here to emphasize the importance of capturing your ideas, musings, and aspirations by recording them at No matter if your goal is to build a landing page, start a blog, showcase a portfolio, or craft something entirely different, enables you to bring it to life in mere moments.

Kelsey Taylor

AKA Foreign Recipe

Regardless of your expertise, this tool empowers you to create the website you've envisioned. Its intuitive click-and-place approach is perfect for those just starting out.

Catherine Hiley

From my perspective, it resembles a complex construction made from an extensive collection of interlocking pieces. Craft websites that shine in the realm of mobile technology!

Ric Manning


Should a beginner in website creation seek my advice for a completely cost-free website constructor, this tool has certainly earned a top spot amongst my endorsements. Its performance has genuinely surpassed my expectations. Initially, I braced myself for potential glitches, like a malfunctioning link or a webpage component lagging behind. However, my experience was flawless. Utilizing it felt seamless.

Mike Johnston

CMS Critic

Looking for a site that's responsive on mobile devices, optimized for search engines, and crafted with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—all without costing you anything? Here it is, enjoy!

Mark Gibbs


Individuals seeking an effective, yet user-friendly tool for creating websites will find this option favorable. It offers a sophisticated block-based construction system, impressive built-in functionalities, and a range of appealing high-quality designs, presenting numerous aspects to admire.

Daniel Blechynden

Daniel Blechynden

Tom's Guide

The initial website template utilizing the newest Bootstrap 5 has been launched by a complimentary visual web design tool.

Bloomberg Business


This fantastic platform empowers anyone to create stunning websites effortlessly using intuitive drag-and-drop designs, ready for immediate use. The best part? It's completely complimentary, allowing you to begin at no cost today.

Ray The Video Guy

A complimentary WYSIWYG website creator presents an innovative approach to crafting websites that achieve optimal loading speeds on both mobile and desktop platforms. This software stands out as one of the simplest tools for website creation.

Alex Ivanovs


In a manner of speaking, this equates to a joyful exclamation of being capable of creating websites that ordinarily necessitate programming expertise, without possessing any such technical skills.

Roger Hollings


As a trailblazer in its field, this entity enables graphic experts, enthusiasts, and web creators to utilize artificial intelligence without the necessity to delve into the complexities of coding.

Tom Green

Effortlessly assemble websites by simply dragging and dropping components - this method is undoubtedly among the quickest software solutions for crafting web pages.

Vladimir Ciobica


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User Reviews

I was in search of an affordable solution to get my bakery business online. The free WYSIWYG website builder caught my attention due to its no-cost approach and user-friendly interface. My initial concern was whether it would offer enough creative freedom, but to my surprise, it excelled in this area. The drag-and-drop feature allowed me to design my pages effortlessly. However, I did stumble upon limitations with the free themes, wishing there were more customization options. Overall, the builder served as an excellent starting point, but I yearned for more advanced features. - Linda B.

As a budding photographer wanting to showcase my portfolio, the free WYSIWYG website builder seemed like a dream come true. Its simplicity and straightforward design tools made it possible to create a stunning portfolio in no time. My only gripe was with the site's performance on mobile devices, which was not as smooth as I'd hoped. The positive side was definitely the ease of uploading and arranging my work, but I found myself spending extra time optimizing the layout for mobile viewers. - Marcus T.

Starting a local non-profit, I wanted a simple yet impactful online presence. The free WYSIWYG builder was the perfect tool due to its cost-effectiveness and straightforward usability. Initially, I had concerns over the SEO capabilities, wondering if our site would reach our audience effectively. Fortunately, the platform offered basic SEO tools that helped us get started. The main downside was the lack of advanced features, like donation buttons, which required manual integration. Positively, the ease of use and the ability to go live quickly were outstanding. - Julia C.

Launching a small online store, I was drawn to the free WYSIWYG website builder for its e-commerce capabilities. It was reassuring to see integrated tools for managing inventory and processing payments. My main question was regarding transaction fees and the overall security of online payments. Although the platform provided secure checkout, it did have limitations in payment gateway options. The positives definitely included the seamless integration of product pages and the inventory system. However, the builder's design flexibility was somewhat constrained, affecting the brand’s visual identity. - Erica D.

As a freelance writer, I needed a personal website to feature my work and attract clients. The free WYSIWYG website builder was appealing for its zero cost and the promise of easy content management. My skepticism was about blog functionality and how well it would support a growing archive of articles. Positively, the blogging platform was user-friendly, making it easy to publish new content. Yet, the design options for blog posts were limited, which made it challenging to create a unique visual style. Despite this, it was a good platform for beginners like me to start with. - Tom H.

I used Squarespace to create an online portfolio for my photography business. The drag-and-drop functionality made it incredibly straightforward to design the site exactly as I wanted. Although choosing from a plethora of templates was initially overwhelming, I found one that perfectly matched my aesthetic. Customizing fonts and colors was a breeze, thanks to the intuitive interface. However, integrating some third-party services for my booking system proved to be a bit tricky and required some additional research and workarounds. Overall, the final product is something I'm truly proud of – it's professional, visually appealing, and aligns with my brand. - Emily S.

For my latest project, I opted for Mobirise, attracted by its no-cost and offline capabilities. Starting from scratch seemed daunting at first, but the pre-made blocks simplified the process, enabling me to piece together a professional-looking site in no time. Although the freedom of design is somewhat limited compared to coding from scratch, the trade-off for speed and simplicity was worth it. However, I encountered challenges with the mobile responsiveness of some elements, which required manual tweaking. The accomplishment of creating a fully functional, visually appealing website over a weekend felt incredibly rewarding. The best part? Being able to work offline allowed for flexibility and productivity, especially when Wi-Fi was spotty. - Marco T.

Using Wix to launch my small bakery's website was a delightful experience. The platform offered a plethora of bakery-specific templates, which made the initial setup fast and hassle-free. The ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) feature even populated a basic site for me after answering a few simple questions about my business. Customizing details and adding new pages was intuitive, though I found the site's loading speed to be a tad slow once I began adding high-resolution images of my products. Overcoming the speed issue involved optimizing images before upload, which was a learning curve. Despite this, the feedback on the user-friendly interface and attractive design of my website has been overwhelmingly positive. - Julia C.

Mobirise became my go-to after struggling with online-only builders that required constant internet connectivity. The simplicity and efficiency of dragging pre-made blocks to build a website suited my limited technical skills perfectly. However, I did face some difficulties when trying to add custom CSS for more unique elements; it seemed like the platform was geared more towards novices without much coding experience. Despite this, the ability to create a sleek, responsive website without writing a single line of code was an undeniable win. The project completion was a testament to Mobirise's capability to democratize website building, especially for someone with a creative vision but minimal coding knowledge. - Thomas R.

After contemplating various platforms, I finally settled on WordPress with Elementor as a plugin for my freelance graphic design website. The learning curve was steeper than anticipated, requiring me to invest time into understanding both WordPress's intricacies and Elementor's drag-and-drop interface. Customizing my site to match my unique brand was crucial, so I appreciated the vast array of widgets and design options available. Integrating a blog was also seamless, which helped establish my authority in my niche. The challenge came with optimizing my website for speed and mobile responsiveness, necessitating the use of additional plugins and adjustments. Achieving a fast, mobile-friendly, and visually stunning website was a rewarding experience that significantly boosted my business's online presence. - Natalie W.

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The Free WYSIWYG Website Builder empowers users to create stunning, responsive websites without needing to understand complex codes. This intuitive platform offers a drag-and-drop interface, facilitating effortless design customization. Users have access to a library of pre-designed templates suitable for various industries, alongside advanced features such as eCommerce integration, SEO tools, and social media integration. Real-time editing ensures any changes are instantly visible, streamlining the web design process. Compatibility with both Windows and Mac ensures a broad accessibility. Enhance your web presence today by downloading the Free WYSIWYG Website Builder for Windows or Mac using the buttons below, or explore its capabilities further by trying the AI assistant.

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 Dive into the creative world of web design with our latest tutorial. This video guides you through designing an eye-catching website using a cost-free WYSIWYG website builder. From layout to color schemes, you'll learn tips and tricks to enhance your site's visual appeal, making it stand out without any coding experience required.


What is a free WYSIWYG website builder?

A free WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website builder is a software that allows users to create websites visually, by dragging and dropping elements onto a canvas, without the need for coding. This type of builder automatically generates the necessary code for the website's structure and design as you create it.

Why should I consider using a WYSIWYG website builder?

Using a WYSIWYG website builder simplifies the web design process, making it accessible to users with no coding knowledge. It's a time and cost-effective solution for small businesses, freelancers, and individuals looking to establish an online presence quickly and with minimal investment.

Is Mobirise a good option for building a website?

Mobirise is an excellent option for those looking for a versatile and user-friendly WYSIWYG web builder. It's free for commercial and non-profit use, offers a wide range of templates and extensions, and allows for offline development.

Can I use Mobirise for commercial purposes?

Yes, Mobirise can be used for commercial purposes. It's designed to be free for both commercial and non-profit projects, giving you a cost-effective tool for building professional websites.

Do I need any coding knowledge to use Mobirise?

No, you do not need any coding knowledge to use Mobirise. It is designed to be user-friendly, with a drag-and-drop interface that allows anyone to create websites quickly, without having to write a single line of code.

What kind of websites can I build with Mobirise?

You can build a wide variety of websites with Mobirise, including but not limited to portfolios, corporate websites, online stores, landing pages, and blogs. Its extensive range of themes and blocks can accommodate nearly any design requirement.

Choosing the right free WYSIWYG website builder

  • Mobirise Mobirise stands out as a unique option among free WYSIWYG website builders, thanks to its focus on offline development and its utilization of AI for design assistance, making it extremely user-friendly for non-tech savvy users. It's perfectly suited for small businesses, portfolios, and personal sites. This no-code, drag-and-drop interface ensures creating a website is straightforward and accessible for all. While it's free to use, advanced features may require purchasing additional plugins or themes. Its main advantage lies in its simplicity and ease of use, combined with powerful AI-driven design capabilities, setting it above competitors in terms of user experience.
  • Wix Wix is a popular online website builder known for its extensive template collection and flexibility, accommodating a wide range of website types from e-commerce to blogs. The ease of use is one of its strongest points; its drag-and-drop interface allows even beginners to design attractive websites. However, while Wix's core features are free, many advanced features require a subscription plan. Additionally, once you choose a template, you cannot change it without rebuilding your site from scratch. This can be limiting for users whose needs evolve over time. Despite these considerations, Wix remains a strong choice for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set.
  • Weebly Weebly is favored for its straightforward drag-and-drop interface, making it incredibly easy for users of all skill levels to create professional-looking websites. It also offers a decent range of templates that automatically adjust to mobile devices. The free version includes basic SEO tools, and its e-commerce capabilities make it a good starting point for small online stores. However, Weebly places ads on free websites, and its customization options can be somewhat limited compared to other builders. Despite these drawbacks, Weebly's user-friendly design and the inclusion of e-commerce features in its free plan make it a compelling option for new entrepreneurs.
  • is a powerful platform that differs from its counterpart,, by hosting websites itself. It's an excellent choice for bloggers due to its robust blogging tools and extensive plugin ecosystem. While it offers a good deal of flexibility and customization through themes and plugins, its learning curve can be steeper for those unfamiliar with website building or blogging. The free plan includes WordPress branding and ads, and while customization options are vast with paid plans, beginners may find it overwhelming. Nonetheless, for those willing to invest time, offers unparalleled depth for blogging and content management.
  • SITE123 SITE123 is geared towards simplicity and speed, making website building as straightforward as typing in your content. It's best for those who want to get a website up quickly with minimal fuss. The platform uses a design-assist system that suggests layouts and styles, which is less flexible but ensures a coherent design. Its e-commerce capabilities are limited in the free plan, and while it lacks the extensive customization of more sophisticated builders, SITE123's appeal lies in its ease of use and the ability to quickly set up a functional, good-looking site.
  • Strikingly Strikingly specializes in single-page websites, making it a perfect tool for portfolios, events, and landing pages. It's particularly user-friendly, with a focus on simplicity and an intuitive interface. While Strikingly's free plan is quite generous, including a built-in e-commerce feature for selling one product, its single-page format may be too limiting for those looking to create more comprehensive websites. Nevertheless, for users aiming to showcase a focused project or product, Strikingly provides an efficient and effective solution, with the ease of setup and maintenance being major advantages.
  • Jimdo Jimdo is designed for ease of use, leveraging AI to help users build and design their sites efficiently. It asks a series of questions and automatically creates a site based on your answers, making it incredibly straightforward for beginners. The free plan is decent, offering basic features like SSL security but puts a Jimdo ad on your website. Its design flexibility is limited compared to more manual website builders, and its feature set is somewhat basic. However, Jimdo is an excellent choice for those who value simplicity and want to get online with minimal effort.
  • Ucraft Ucraft offers a slick, modern interface for building websites, emphasizing high-quality design templates that are especially appealing for creatives and designers. Even in its free tier, Ucraft allows for the creation of a stylish site, though it includes a small Ucraft watermark. One of its standout features is the ability to connect a custom domain even on the free plan, a rarity among free website builders. While it doesn't offer the breadth of features or flexibility of some competitors, its design-centric approach and the option for a custom domain make it a compelling choice for visually oriented projects.

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