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Multiple AI templates

The AI website creator revolutionizes online presence by providing over 9500 beautiful website blocks within a vast selection of pre-made AI website themes and templates. Catering to diverse fields in life and business, these designs are in line with the latest web design trends, offering extensive customizing options. From free to premium themes and page templates, users can effortlessly create engaging, professional websites that resonate with their target audience, enhancing their digital footprint.


How to make websites with AI website creator?

1. Download the App or Open Online Version

Begin by downloading the app suitable for your operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux) or open the online version if you prefer not to install any software. This flexibility allows you to start creating your website from virtually any device, ensuring a seamless setup process regardless of your technological preferences or limitations.

2. Start with AI

Upon launching the application or online platform, initiate the AI website creation process. This usually involves entering basic information about the type of website you want to create, such as the industry, style preferences, and any specific functionalities you need. The AI uses this information to propose a personalized website template, making the initial setup process intuitive and streamlined.

3. Customize the Template

Once you have a proposed template, dive into customizing it. This involves adjusting layout elements, color schemes, and font choices to match your branding. You can also add new pages, sections, or features as needed. The AI tool often provides recommendations and automates complex tasks, making design customization accessible even to those without any web design experience.

4. Add Content

With your website's structure in place, it's time to add content. This can include text, images, videos, and any other media that conveys your message and engages your audience. Many AI website creators offer libraries of stock images or integration with media hosting platforms to ease this process. They may also provide content suggestions tailored to your site's purpose and target audience.

5. Optimize for SEO

SEO optimization is crucial for ensuring your website is discoverable by your target audience. Many AI website creators include built-in SEO tools to help optimize your content, meta tags, and site structure. They can offer personalized recommendations based on industry standards and the specific keywords relevant to your business. This step is vital for improving your website's visibility in search engine results pages.

6. Publish Your Website

After designing your website, adding content, and optimizing for SEO, it's time to publish. This usually involves a simple click of a button within the AI website creator platform. Before doing so, ensure you preview your site across different devices to guarantee a responsive and user-friendly experience. Once satisfied, publish your site to make it live. Most platforms also offer domain registration and hosting services, completing the website creation process.

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Edit locally and publish wherever

Publish your website to diverse destinations including a local drive, FTP, or *, as well as connecting a custom domain. Avoid being bound to a solitary platform or service provider. With complete control over your website, you're empowered to make decisions that best suit your needs and preferences. This flexibility ensures that you can adapt and grow your online presence in ways that align with your goals and vision.

Start selling online

Revolutionize your online presence by incorporating cutting-edge e-commerce solutions like Smart Cart and Simple Shop extensions into your app. These tools enable seamless integration of a shopping platform onto your existing website, allowing for effortless management of dynamic product cards. With just a few clicks, you can streamline your sales process as orders are directly funneled to your preferred platforms, such as WhatsApp, email, Stripe, or PayPal, optimizing customer experience and boosting your business growth.

Get social

Dive into the vibrant world of social feed extensions by integrating your Instagram or Facebook updates directly onto your website. This tool not only enriches your site's content but also keeps your audience engaged by displaying your most recent TikTok dances or YouTube tutorials. Whether you're aiming to boost your social presence or simply keep your visitors informed, adding these dynamic feeds can seamlessly bridge the gap between your website and social media channels.

Build a mobile-friendly site

Ensuring that your customers can effortlessly access your services on their mobile devices is crucial. Websites developed through the app automatically adopt a mobile-friendly design. This inherent compatibility is not just user-centered but also aligns with Google's preferences. Search engines prioritize mobile-optimized sites, significantly enhancing your online presence and boosting your search engine ranking. This approach not only caters to the convenience of your audience but also strategically positions your website for better visibility.

View and edit website code

For those seeking advanced customization beyond standard templates, the Code Editor extension is invaluable. It empowers users to manually adjust the HTML/CSS of their site, incorporate external plugins, and craft unique HTML blocks from the ground up. This tool is essential for tailor-fitting your website's design and functionality to meet specific needs, enabling a level of personalization and complexity that pre-designed solutions cannot match. Whether enhancing aesthetics or integrating bespoke features, the Code Editor opens new possibilities for website refinement.

Key AI website creator features


AI Generation

AI generation in website creation tools embodies a future where ideas are seamlessly translated into digital experiences. Imagine inputting a basic concept or theme and witnessing an AI instantly generate a comprehensive, visually appealing, and interactive website design. This feature significantly lowers the barrier to entry for web development, offering individuals and businesses the ability to bring their visions to life without extensive technical skills. It opens up the creative process, making it more inclusive and allowing for an explosion of diverse, unique web presences tailored to specific dovinces, tastes and purposes.


Export and Publish Anywhere

The feature to export and publish your website anywhere provides unparalleled flexibility and freedom in managing your online presence. This means that after creating a website with an AI website builder, users are not confined to hosting their site with a specific provider. Instead, they can take the generated code or design and deploy it on any platform or hosting service of their choosing. This empowers users with the ability to shop around for hosting deals, ensure greater control over their site's security, and even migrate their site in the future with ease, making their digital footprint truly portable and adaptable.


Offline Mode

Offline mode is a revolutionary feature for AI website creators, addressing the challenge of continuous internet access. This feature allows users to download the application and continue working on their website projects without an internet connection. Once back online, changes can be synchronized, ensuring work is never lost and productivity isn't hindered by connectivity issues. This is particularly beneficial for users in remote locations or those with unreliable internet connections, allowing for uninterrupted creativity and productivity in website design and development, making the web creation process more accessible and convenient for everyone, everywhere.


SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization tools integrated within AI website creators are essential for ensuring that websites not only look appealing but are also discoverable. These tools analyze content to recommend improvements and automatically adjust technical aspects to boost search engine rankings. This means less time and expertise is required to make a website SEO-friendly, leveling the playing field for smaller entities or individuals. Proper SEO implementation increases visibility, drives organic traffic, and enhances user engagement, making it a critical component for the success of any online venture. It encapsulates a blend of art and science, ensuring websites are structured and presented in a way that appeals to both users and search engines.


Advanced Security Features

Advanced Security Features are paramount in today's digital landscape, where threats are ever-evolving and data breaches can be catastrophic. An AI website creator with built-in security protocols protects not just the website's infrastructure but also the sensitive data it might process and store. Features like SSL encryption, regular security scans, and secure hosting environments are becoming standard. These measures ensure that websites are resistant to common vulnerabilities and provide peace of mind to website owners and users alike. It's not just about keeping a website safe; it's about safeguarding the credibility and trustworthiness of the digital presence it represents.


Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization is a critical feature for any AI website creator, acknowledging the fact that a significant portion of web traffic now comes from mobile devices. This feature automatically adjusts the layout, size, and interaction elements of a website to ensure it provides an optimal user experience on smartphones and tablets. It's not just about shrinking content to fit smaller screens; it involves thoughtful design to ensure that mobile users can navigate the website easily, find information quickly, and complete actions without frustration. Mobile optimization increases engagement, improves SEO rankings, and ensures accessibility for all users, making it indispensable in the modern web landscape.


Intuitive Design Interface

An Intuitive Design Interface is what sets an outstanding AI website creator apart. It caters to users of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals, allowing them to bring their vision to life with ease. This feature ensures that the platform is easy to navigate, with drag-and-drop elements, pre-designed templates, and real-time editing capabilities. It empowers users to be creative without needing to learn coding or design principles, making website creation a more accessible and enjoyable process. As users become more confident, these tools can unlock further customization, fostering a learning curve that grows with the user's capabilities.


Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration is indispensable for websites looking to maximize their online presence and engagement. This feature allows easy incorporation of social media feeds, sharing buttons, and the ability to post content directly from the website to various social platforms. Enhancing the website's interactivity and connectivity, it facilitates a seamless flow between the website and social media profiles, increasing the reach and visibility of content. In an era where social media significantly influences consumer behavior, integrating these platforms into a website can drastically improve engagement rates, foster community building, and boost overall website traffic.


Custom AI Recommendations

Custom AI Recommendations are a game-changer, offering personalized suggestions for improving website design and functionality based on user behavior and industry trends. This AI-driven feature analyzes vast amounts of data to provide actionable insights that can enhance user engagement, optimize conversion rates, and ensure the website remains competitive. It’s like having a personal advisor, identifying opportunities for refinement and suggesting changes that can make a substantial difference in the website's performance. Whether it’s tweaking the layout, adjusting content, or changing navigation elements, these recommendations ensure that the website evolves in line with user needs and preferences, maintaining its relevance and effectiveness.

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What experts say

Ever found yourself under the shower, struck by a brilliant idea that just as quickly slipped away? I'm here to remind you to capture those fleeting moments of inspiration on Whether it's crafting a landing page, developing a blog, designing a portfolio, or any other digital creation, is your go-to resource to bring it to life in mere moments.

Kelsey Taylor

AKA Foreign Recipe

Regardless of your expertise, this tool empowers you to create the website you've always envisioned. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface is perfect for those just starting out.

Catherine Hiley

In my view, it appears to be a construction resembling a Lego setup, crafted from an extensive collection of blocks. Construct web destinations that shine in the realm of mobile technology!

Ric Manning


Should a beginner in website creation seek my advice for a completely free website builder, I would undoubtedly rank this tool among my top suggestions. My satisfaction has reached remarkable levels. Initially, I anticipated encountering a few glitches, maybe a button that wouldn't respond or a page feature that lagged. Nonetheless, my experience was devoid of such issues. Using it has been an absolute delight.

Mike Johnston

CMS Critic

Looking for a site that's responsive, boosts your SEO, and created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, all without any cost or hassle? Here you go! (Enjoy.)

Mark Gibbs


Individuals seeking an influential, yet user-friendly platform for website creation will find this tool appealing. Thanks to its sophisticated, block-based design interface, comprehensive built-in functionalities, and a variety of appealing high-end templates, there's much to admire.

Daniel Blechynden

Daniel Blechynden

Tom's Guide

An AI-driven website builder has launched its inaugural website template utilizing the newest Bootstrap 5 technology.

Bloomberg Business


This incredible platform offers the opportunity for anyone to create stunning websites effortlessly, leveraging straightforward drag-and-drop designs available for immediate use. Best of all, it's completely free, allowing you to begin without any cost.

Ray The Video Guy

An AI website builder presents a revolutionary approach to constructing websites that perform equally well on both desktops and smartphones. This software stands out as one of the simplest tools for creating websites.

Alex Ivanovs


This is essentially a sophisticated expression of joy, celebrating the capability to create websites that would typically necessitate programming expertise, without possessing any skills in coding.

Roger Hollings


As a trailblazer in its field, it is democratizing Artificial Intelligence for graphic experts, enthusiasts, and web creators, eliminating the need for them to become proficient in coding.

Tom Green

Effortlessly construct websites by simply dragging and dropping elements, all within a few short minutes! This software is absolutely among the simplest options available for crafting web pages.

Vladimir Ciobica


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User Reviews

I opted for this AI website creator after extensive research. What drew me in was its promise to significantly cut down the time needed to design a site from scratch. Initially, I wondered if the AI could truly understand my niche-specific requirements. Positively, it not only recognized them but also suggested design improvements I hadn't thought of. However, I did find the template customization options a bit limited, which was a downside. Overall, this builder accelerated my site's launch while ensuring professional aesthetics. - Samantha P.

My choice for this AI website creator stemmed from its integration of industry-specific design elements. I was curious how well it could adapt to my business's unique aspects. Throughout the creation process, the AI suggested several engaging features I hadn't even considered, like interactive product demos. One setback was the initial learning curve, as it took some time to effectively communicate my vision to the AI. Nevertheless, the end result was a highly customized and responsive website that truly stands out. - Marcus C.

The efficiency of this AI website creator was astonishing. I was intrigued by its promise of no-code website design, which is why I chose it. My main concern was whether the AI could deliver a site that felt genuinely personal and not just another generic template. Impressively, it exceeded my expectations, offering personalized recommendations and content alignment that reflected my brand perfectly. The only drawback was the occasional glitch in the design preview feature. Despite that, it’s an incredible tool for anyone looking to rapidly deploy a professional-looking site. - Olivia T.

I was drawn to this AI website creator because of its advanced SEO tools. My concern was how to make my website not only visually appealing but also easy to find. The AI's guidance on SEO best practices was invaluable, providing insights I hadn’t been aware of. The platform also made it simple to integrate social media directly onto my site, enhancing my online presence. A minor niggle was the AI’s occasional misunderstanding of my input, but customer support was quick to assist. It's a powerful tool for anyone looking to optimize their site for search engines while maintaining an attractive design. - Emily W.

Choosing this AI website creator was a no-brainer for me because of its real-time content update feature. I was curious how it would handle dynamic content that changes frequently. It effortlessly managed to keep my website updated, which was a huge relief. Not only did it save me time, but it also ensured my site always had fresh content. However, I did encounter difficulties with integrating certain third-party applications. Despite this, the ability to maintain current information without constant manual updates makes this builder an exceptional choice for businesses with ever-changing inventory or news. - Liam B.

As a newbie to web development, I was searching for a simple yet effective tool to create my photography portfolio online. After trying several platforms, I discovered Wix AI, which offered a hassle-free setup. The AI questionnaire was intuitively designed to gauge my preferences and needs. The process was smooth, but I struggled a bit with customizing the template to fit my vision perfectly. Eventually, I managed to create a stunning website by leveraging their rich image galleries and design flexibility. The assistance from the Wix support team was commendable. - Samantha D.

I decided to set up an online store for my homemade candles, and Shopify's AI tool was an absolute game-changer. The platform guided me through selecting the best layout and design for my e-commerce site. Implementing product categories was straightforward, although I faced a slight hurdle with integrating some third-party payment options. Shopify's resources and community forums were incredibly helpful, leading me to successfully launch my store within a week. The real-time analytics feature has also been instrumental in understanding customer behavior. - Michael C.

Creating a professional blog was a breeze with Mobirise. Its drag-and-drop interface felt intuitive from the get-go. Unlike other platforms, Mobirise provided an offline editing feature, allowing me to design my site without constant internet access. Initially, I encountered difficulties with implementing advanced features like parallax scrolling due to my limited coding knowledge. However, the comprehensive tutorials and community support helped me overcome these challenges. My blog now looks sleek, and the SEO tools included have significantly boosted my online presence. - Jonathan R.

Launching my freelance portfolio with Mobirise was a game-changer. The software's simplicity allowed me to focus on showcasing my work rather than fretting over code. The array of pre-designed blocks saved time, and customizing them to match my brand identity was straightforward. Initially, I was concerned about the site's performance on mobile, but Mobirise's responsive design templates ensured my portfolio looked great on any device. Their customer service was prompt and helpful whenever I ran into issues, making my web design experience stress-free. - Emily P.

My attempt to create an online art gallery was met with several obstacles until I stumbled upon Squarespace. The platform's AI-driven design setup efficiently captured my requirements and suggested the perfect template. Though customization was generally user-friendly, fine-tuning the gallery display options to my liking required some effort and learning. However, the rich documentation and live chat support provided by Squarespace greatly eased this process. The end result was a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate website that accurately represented my artistic style. - Natalia B.

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The AI website creator leverages advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to streamline web design, automatically generating fully functional, aesthetically pleasing websites based on user inputs. It simplifies the design process, adjusting to preferences in style, layout, and color, ensuring each creation is unique and tailored. This tool integrates seamlessly with various platforms, offering a wide range of templates and customization options. It also supports real-time preview and editing, making web design accessible to both beginners and professionals. Its intuitive interface and powerful AI engine dramatically reduce development time and cost. Elevate your web presence effortlessly; download it for Windows or Mac using the buttons below or try AI now.

View in Action

 Discover how to craft a visually appealing website by viewing the video below. It guides you through utilizing the AI website creator, offering step-by-step instructions to enhance your design skills. The tutorial simplifies the process, making it accessible for beginners while providing advanced tips for more experienced designers.


What is an AI website creator?

An AI website creator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help users build websites automatically. It simplifies web design by suggesting designs, layouts, and content based on user preferences and inputs.

Can an AI website creator design a website without any coding experience?

Yes, an AI website creator is designed to help individuals create websites without any coding experience. It provides intuitive interfaces and pre-designed templates, making it easy for anyone to design and launch a website.

What features should I look for in an AI website creator?

Look for features such as drag-and-drop editors, responsive design templates, e-commerce functionality, customization options, SEO tools, and integration capabilities with other platforms. These features will help you build a comprehensive and functional website.

Is Mobirise a good option for building websites?

Yes, Mobirise is a great option for building websites. It offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, a wide range of templates, and extends functionality through plugins and extensions, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced developers.

Can I use Mobirise for commercial projects?

Yes, you can use Mobirise for commercial projects. It offers features that are suitable for building business websites, including e-commerce functionalities, making it a versatile choice for various commercial ventures.

Do I need to host my website separately if I use Mobirise?

Mobirise is a website builder that allows you to create your website offline on your computer. You will need to arrange for web hosting to publish your site online. This gives you the flexibility to choose your own hosting provider and hosting plan that suits your needs.

Choosing the right AI website creator

  • Mobirise Mobirise is acclaimed for its simplicity and efficiency, appealing predominantly to non-tech savvy users who wish to create beautiful websites effortlessly. Powered by AI, it eliminates the need for coding, making website creation accessible to all. Its drag-and-drop interface simplifies the design process, allowing users to customize their site with ease. The platform's cost-effectiveness is evident as it offers a free version, with additional features available in paid versions. However, the most significant drawback is its dependency on local software installation, limiting access solely to the computer it's installed on. Despite this, its comprehensive suite of modern design templates and extensions make it an attractive choice for many.
  • Wix ADI Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is renowned for its ability to create customized websites quickly by simply answering a few questions. This AI-powered builder takes the information provided and crafts a site tailored to the user's needs, including design and content. While the platform is incredibly user-friendly and offers a wide range of design options, it might not satisfy those seeking deep customization. The cost is relatively low, with a free version available, but more sophisticated features require a paid plan. Wix ADI is excellent for beginners, but professionals might find its design flexibility limiting.
  • Zyro Zyro boasts an AI-driven approach that simplifies the website creation process, promising efficiency and ease of use. Its AI content generator and heatmap tool for optimizing layout placement are standout features, aiding users in designing a site that's not only visually appealing but also functional. The platform is affordable, offering competitive pricing and a money-back guarantee. However, its template range is somewhat limited compared to competitors, and while it offers ease of use, the customization options are not as extensive. Zyro is ideal for users seeking an uncomplicated building process without the need for in-depth customization.
  • Bookmark Bookmark offers a unique approach with its proprietary AI software, Aida, which can create a fully functional website in minutes. This platform is specifically designed for those looking for quick and efficient website setup with minimal effort. It's packed with e-commerce features and educational resources, making it suitable for entrepreneurs and small business owners. While Bookmark is accessible and offers a straightforward building experience, its templates and design options are less varied than some competitors. The cost is economical, with a free version and affordable premium plans. However, users looking for highly specific or advanced customizations might find it restrictive.
  • The Grid The Grid distinguishes itself by focusing on AI that automatically designs the website as content is added, aiming for efficiency and aesthetic appeal. This platform is geared towards users valuing design automation, promising websites that are continuously evolving with AI's help. Its membership model includes hosting, but the platform's AI sometimes produces unpredictable design choices, which might not align with user expectations. The Grid's approach is innovative, but it may frustrate those who prefer more control over their website's design. Due to its experimental nature, it's best suited for users interested in cutting-edge technology and are tolerant of its unpredictability.
  • Firedrop Firedrop sets itself apart with Sacha, its AI chatbot, guiding users through the website creation process with conversational interactions. This unique approach is designed to simplify design decisions, making the process more accessible and engaging. Firedrop is ideal for users seeking a more personalized setup experience, although its customization options might be limited compared to manual builders. It's currently free to use, offering an intriguing cost-effective solution. However, the reliance on a chatbot might not be everyone's preference, and the range of design options and features may not satisfy all users, particularly those looking for comprehensive control and flexibility.
  • Jimdo Dolphin Jimdo Dolphin utilizes AI to streamline the website-building process, asking users questions to generate a personalized site quickly. It emphasizes simplicity and speed, making it appealing for users seeking to create a website without delving into design complexities. Jimdo offers a balanced mix of templates and customization options, accommodating both novice and experienced users. Its pricing structure is competitive, offering a free plan and various premium options. However, while Dolphin is praised for its ease of use, users needing more advanced features and customizability might find it limiting, making it better suited for personal projects or small businesses.
  • B12 B12 stands out by offering a hybrid model that combines AI with expert human assistance to create and maintain websites, ensuring a professional online presence. This service is particularly attractive to businesses requiring a stronger customization level and ongoing support. B12 offers efficiency and high-quality design, but its cost is higher compared to purely AI-driven platforms. The consultation and customization process provides a more tailored experience, but it might not be as quick as fully automated options. It’s ideal for those willing to invest in a professional-grade website with the benefits of AI efficiency and human creativity.

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