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Multiple AI templates

HTML creator presents an extensive assortment of pre-designed AI website themes and templates that serve various sectors across life and business domains. With over 9500 stunning website blocks available in both free and premium themes, as well as page templates that adhere to the most recent web design trends, these offerings are packed with a plethora of customization options. This diverse collection ensures that users find exactly what they need to craft visually appealing and functional websites.


How to make websites with HTML creator?

1. Downloading the HTML Creator App

To begin creating a website, the first step involves downloading the HTML Creator application suitable for your operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux), or you can opt for using the online version if you prefer not to download anything. This step is crucial for accessing the tools you will need for web design.

2. Starting with AI

After installing or accessing the HTML Creator, initiate your project by leveraging the AI feature. This intelligent tool can assist you in generating a basic website layout tailored to your needs. By answering a series of questions or providing some initial input about your desired website, the AI can create a solid foundation to build upon.

3. Choosing Your Template

With a vast library at your disposal, pick a template that aligns with your vision. Whether you're crafting a blog, portfolio, or business website, there's a template for almost every need. Selecting a template not only saves time but also provides you with a professionally designed layout that you can customize further.

4. Customizing Your Website

This step is where your creativity comes into play. Use the HTML Creator's editor to customize the selected template. You can modify text, colors, images, and layout to match your brand identity. No coding is required for this process; drag and drop elements or use the visual editor to make your changes easily.

5. Adding Functionalities

Enhance your website by adding functionalities like contact forms, e-commerce solutions, social media links, or galleries. The HTML Creator likely includes widgets or plugins for these features, facilitating easy integration. This step is vital for engaging with your audience and fulfilling the website's purpose.

6. Publishing Your Website

Once you're satisfied with the design and functionality, it's time to publish your website. The HTML Creator will provide options for doing so, whether it's hosting with the service itself or exporting the code for use with another hosting provider. Before going live, ensure all links work and content is error-free. Congratulations, your website is now accessible to the world!

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Edit locally and publish wherever

Publish your website seamlessly to various platforms, including a local drive, FTP, or *, and even connect your custom domain. This flexible approach ensures that you're not tethered to any single platform or service provider, granting you complete autonomy over your site. Embrace the freedom to decide where and how your online presence is hosted, empowering you to maintain total control over your website's destiny.

Start selling online

Revolutionize your website by incorporating cutting-edge e-commerce solutions - the Smart Cart and Simple Shop extensions. Seamlessly embed a shop directly into your website, effortlessly manage dynamic product cards, and enjoy a streamlined ordering process. With just a few clicks, orders from your site can be efficiently directed to WhatsApp, email, Stripe, or PayPal, ensuring a smooth transaction for both you and your customers. Elevate your online presence and sales with these innovative tools.

Get social

Explore a range of social feed extensions that allow you to integrate your Instagram or Facebook posts directly onto your website. Also, effortlessly highlight your most recent TikTok creations or YouTube videos to engage visitors. These tools offer a seamless way to display fresh, dynamic content from your social media channels, enriching the user experience. By showcasing your online presence, you can connect with your audience in a more interactive and cohesive manner.

Build a mobile-friendly site

Ensuring your services are effortlessly accessible on mobile devices via websites designed with the app is crucial. These sites are inherently mobile-friendly, a factor that Google prioritizes in its ranking algorithm. Consequently, adopting such a design approach not only enhances user experience but also significantly boosts your visibility on search engines. This strategy is essential in today's mobile-dominated internet usage, aiding in reaching a wider audience and improving overall engagement.

View and edit website code

For websites needing intricate personalization, the Code Editor extension proves invaluable. It allows for manual HTML/CSS editing, enabling precise adjustments not achievable through default settings. Additionally, incorporating external plugins becomes straightforward, expanding functionality. Users can also design unique HTML blocks, tailoring the site's aesthetic and interactive elements to specific visions. This tool equips website creators with the ability to fine-tune their site's design and operation, optimizing user experience and performance.

Key HTML creator features


AI Generation

AI generation stands as a groundbreaking feature in the HTML creator, revolutionizing the way users craft their web content. By leveraging artificial intelligence, this tool can generate sophisticated, customized HTML codes based on user input or prompts. It simplifies the web development process, enabling users to create complex web layouts, dynamic content, or even coded animations with minimal effort. This feature not only accelerates the design process but also opens up possibilities for more creative and personalized web content, making it an invaluable asset for both novice and experienced developers alike.


Export and Publish Anywhere

The ability to export and publish content anywhere directly from the HTML creator is a crucial feature that provides flexibility and convenience to users. Whether you're looking to deploy a website, share a template, or distribute your code across different platforms, this function simplifies the process. It ensures that the HTML code generated is clean, optimized, and ready to be integrated into any web hosting service or content management system with a few clicks. This feature significantly reduces the time and effort required to go live with your web projects, making it an indispensable tool for developers and content creators aiming for efficiency and wide reach.


Offline Mode

Offline mode addresses a crucial need for developers and designers who require constant access to their tools, regardless of their internet connectivity. This feature enables users to continue their work on web projects without an active internet connection, offering uninterrupted productivity. It's especially beneficial for those in transit, in remote locations, or facing unreliable internet services. Once back online, changes can be seamlessly synced, ensuring no work is lost. The inclusion of an offline mode transforms the HTML creator into a versatile tool, expanding its usability and making it a reliable companion for professional and hobbyist developers alike.


Intuitive Design Interface

The intuitive design interface of the HTML creator prioritizes usability and user experience, making it accessible to individuals of all skill levels. Its straightforward, drag-and-drop functionality eliminates the steep learning curve typically associated with web development and design tools. Users can visually construct their web pages, seeing real-time changes and adjustments without needing to delve into the complexities of HTML code. This feature empowers users to bring their creative visions to life with precision and ease, fostering a more engaging and efficient design process. It's a feature that balances simplicity with powerful capabilities, appealing to both beginners and seasoned developers.


Enhanced Security Measures

Enhanced security measures are integral to the HTML creator, ensuring that user data and created content are protected against unauthorized access and cyber threats. This feature includes robust encryption, secure coding practices, and regular security updates to defend against evolving cybersecurity challenges. By prioritizing security, the tool provides peace of mind to users, enabling them to focus on creativity and development rather than concerns over data breaches or vulnerabilities. This commitment to security fosters a trusted environment for web development, making the HTML creator a reliable choice for personal and professional projects alike.


Comprehensive Toolset

A comprehensive toolset within the HTML creator equips users with a wide array of functionalities to design, develop, and refine their web projects to perfection. This feature encompasses a variety of tools ranging from simple text formatting to advanced coding features. It allows for extensive customization and precision, catering to the needs of both novice users and experienced developers. The diverse toolset promotes experimentation and innovation, enabling users to explore new possibilities in web design and development. By offering everything needed in one place, it streamlines the workflow and enhances productivity.


Real-time Collaboration

Real-time collaboration is a standout feature, transforming the HTML creator into a dynamic platform for teams to work together seamlessly. It allows multiple users to access and edit web projects simultaneously from different locations. This feature fosters a collaborative environment where ideas and feedback can be exchanged instantly, enhancing the efficiency and quality of web development projects. By breaking down geographical and time-zone barriers, real-time collaboration encourages a more integrated and inclusive approach to web design, ensuring that every team member can contribute to the project's success regardless of their physical whereabouts.


Analytics Integration

Analytics integration within the HTML creator provides users with valuable insights into their web content's performance. This feature enables the tracking of user interactions, page views, and other relevant metrics directly from the creation tool. By understanding how visitors engage with their content, users can make informed decisions to optimize their web pages for better user experience and effectiveness. The ability to analyze performance without leaving the HTML creator streamlines the optimization process, making it easier for users to achieve their web development goals and improve their online presence.


SEO Optimization Tools

SEO optimization tools embedded in the HTML creator are essential for ensuring that web content is visible and ranks well on search engines. These tools offer users guidance and strategies to improve their website’s SEO, including keyword optimization, meta tags, and content readability analysis. By making SEO a more accessible and integrated part of the web development process, users can more effectively target their audience and increase their site's visibility online. This feature not only aids in driving organic traffic but also enhances the overall quality and relevance of the web content, making it a vital component of any successful web project.

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What experts say

Ever found yourself under the shower, struck by a brilliant idea that vanished as quickly as it came? I'm here to remind you that jotting down your ideas, musings, and visions into is a crucial step. Regardless if your aim is to craft a landing page, blog, portfolio, or any other project, is your go-to solution, facilitating the realization of your goals in mere SECONDS.

Kelsey Taylor

AKA Foreign Recipe

Regardless of your experience, this tool will empower you to create the website you've always wanted. Its user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface is perfectly suited for novices.

Catherine Hiley

In my view, it resembles a construction made from a multitude of Lego pieces... Design websites that shine in the realm of mobile technology!

Ric Manning


Should a beginner in website creation seek my advice for a completely cost-free website construction tool, I would now enthusiastically suggest this particular one. It has left a strong impression on me. Initially, I anticipated encountering a few glitches here and there—maybe a button that didn't work properly or a webpage element that was slow to respond. However, to my surprise, I encountered none of these issues. Utilizing it has been an absolute delight.

Mike Johnston

CMS Critic

Looking for a site that’s responsive on mobile, enhanced for search engine visibility, and built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, all at no cost? Here you go! (Enjoy.)

Mark Gibbs


Individuals in search of a robust but user-friendly tool for creating websites will find it appealing. It boasts a sophisticated block-based construction system, impressive built-in capabilities, and a range of beautiful, high-quality themes, offering plenty to admire.

Daniel Blechynden

Daniel Blechynden

Tom's Guide

The creator of HTML unveils the inaugural website theme crafted using the newest Bootstrap 5.

Bloomberg Business


This exceptional platform enables everyone to create stunning web pages effortlessly through its intuitive drag-and-drop layout templates, which are available for immediate use at no cost.

Ray The Video Guy

The HTML designer offers an innovative approach to constructing websites that operate seamlessly and quickly on both mobile devices and desktops. It stands out as one of the simplest tools available for web development.

Alex Ivanovs


...which serves as an elegant manner of exclaiming 'Praise be!' due to the ability to create websites that would typically necessitate coding knowledge, without possessing any coding expertise.

Roger Hollings


As a trailblazer in its field, it enables graphic experts, enthusiasts, and website creators to leverage AI technology without the need to delve into coding.

Tom Green

Effortlessly construct websites by simply moving and placing blocks! Indeed, this is one of the simplest software options available for website creation.

Vladimir Ciobica


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User Reviews

I was in dire need of a simple and intuitive website for my photography portfolio. After researching various HTML builders, I opted for this one due to its user-friendly interface and the rich array of templates specifically designed for galleries and portfolios. Initially, I was worried about embedding high-resolution images without compromising the load time, but the builder provided extensive guidelines and tools to optimize images. The drag-and-drop feature made it incredibly easy to design the layout. However, I encountered difficulties with customizing the HTML code to add more complex features like a client login area. Thankfully, their customer service was responsive and helpful. The only downside was the limited advanced features for free users. Overall, the ease of use and dedicated support made it a worthy choice for my project. - Jane D.

As a small business owner, creating an online presence quickly and cost-effectively was my top priority. This HTML creator stood out because of its scalability and affordability. The platform offered a wide range of templates that could be customized to fit my brand. During the building process, I was impressed by the SEO tools that guided me in optimizing my site for search engines, a feature that many other builders charge extra for. However, I found the mobile responsiveness to be lacking in some templates, which required manual adjustment. Another positive was the ease of integrating e-commerce functionalities, allowing me to set up an online store seamlessly. While the builder's interface was generally user-friendly, more detailed tutorials for beginners would have been beneficial. Despite these minor setbacks, the overall value and functionality offered made it an excellent choice for my business needs. - Carlos M.

Choosing this HTML creator for our nonprofit organization's website was mainly driven by the need for a cost-effective yet professional-looking site. The no-code approach and pre-designed templates allowed us to focus more on our content rather than technicalities. We were pleasantly surprised by the variety of templates and their adaptability to different types of content, from blogs to donation pages. The platform’s intuitive design interface made it easy to customize our site to our liking, although we wished there were more options for custom CSS and JavaScript for advanced personalization. On the positive note, the built-in analytics feature has been instrumental in tracking our site's performance and user engagement, a feature we didn't anticipate but greatly appreciate. The main drawback was the occasional sluggishness in the editor when loading high-quality images, which could be improved. Nonetheless, the overall experience was very positive, meeting our primary needs admirably. - Emily P.

As an independent blogger, I sought an HTML builder that offered both creative freedom and efficiency. The decision to use this particular builder was influenced by its impressive range of SEO and social media integration tools, which are essential for increasing visibility. I loved how I could easily drag and drop elements to create a distinct layout, and the platform's cloud hosting feature made sure my site was always fast and accessible. However, I faced challenges with the limited font choices and customization options, which somewhat restricted my design possibilities. Another major plus was the builder's affordable pricing plan, which offered great value for its wide range of features, including site analytics. Although the learning curve was steeper for me as a beginner, the comprehensive support resources and customer service team were incredibly supportive. This builder proved to be a robust platform that matched my blogging needs, despite some minor limitations in design flexibility. - Kevin T.

When I decided to launch my online teaching platform, it was crucial to find an HTML creator that supported extensive multimedia integration and could provide a seamless learning experience for my students. After exploring several builders, I chose this one for its superior multimedia support and ease of embedding videos, audio, and interactive content directly into my site. The builder's interface was straightforward, making it simple to design and organize courses. However, I encountered some issues with the site's mobile responsiveness, which required additional time to adjust. Positives included the ability to create password-protected pages, which was perfect for exclusive student content, and the platform's robust security features, ensuring that all uploaded content was safe. One suggestion for improvement would be enhanced customer service response times for technical issues. Despite this, the builder's comprehensive features made it the right tool for creating a compelling educational website. - Sarah J.

As someone venturing into web development for the first time, I decided to give Mobirise a try based on a friend's recommendation, and I wasn't disappointed. The drag-and-drop interface made it incredibly easy to design my site without having to code. I was able to integrate Google Maps, set up contact forms, and add social media links effortlessly. The only real challenge was deciding among the numerous themes available, each of which was beautifully designed. Mobirise certainly lived up to its hype, and I managed to create my dream website within a few hours. - Emily R.

My journey to creating my portfolio website took an interesting turn when I started using Adobe Dreamweaver. The fluid grid layout system was a gamechanger for me, allowing for a responsive design that looked great on all devices. The live preview saved me a lot of time, letting me see changes in real time. However, the steep learning curve and the overwhelming number of features were initially daunting. Thankfully, extensive online tutorials and community forums helped me overcome these issues. My greatest achievement was mastering CSS Flexbox and Grid, integrating them into my site for an aesthetically pleasing layout. - Michael D.

Choosing Mobirise for my small business's online store was a decision that paid off handsomely. The software's ease of use was perfect for a non-techie like me. I was able to add products, customize my site’s layout, and even incorporate PayPal for transactions, all by myself. Although I found the SEO options a bit limited and had to seek external help to optimize my site better, the overall experience was seamless. The ability to view my site on different devices directly from Mobirise before publishing was especially helpful. It's a straightforward, no-fuss solution for anyone looking to set up a website with minimal hassle. - Samantha L.

Building my fashion blog from scratch was a daunting task until I discovered WordPress. The wide range of themes and plugins allowed me to design a unique, professional-looking site without needing to know how to code. Integrating WooCommerce was a breeze, enabling me to sell my merchandise easily. However, managing site security and updates can be challenging, requiring constant vigilance. The real achievement was when I customized a theme using PHP, which was completely new to me. Engaging with the active WordPress community for tips and tricks made the learning process less intimidating. - Jessica F.

The path to creating an interactive educational website led me to explore the JavaScript library - React. Utilizing React, coupled with Node.js for the backend, offered a dynamic user experience with fast page loads and a single-page application feel. The main challenge was the initial steep learning curve, particularly grasping the concept of states and props. However, the achievement of integrating interactive quizzes and real-time progress tracking for users was incredibly rewarding. Collaborating through Git allowed for seamless team cooperation, making version control a breeze. The journey from concept to launch taught me the power of modern JavaScript frameworks in creating responsive, user-centric websites. - Daniel P.

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The HTML Creator is a sophisticated software tool designed for the development of HTML web pages without requiring extensive knowledge of HTML coding. It features a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality, allowing users to effortlessly add elements such as text, images, and videos. The program supports responsive design, ensuring websites will adapt to any screen size. Additionally, it includes a vast library of templates and pre-designed elements, enabling rapid website creation. Integrated SEO tools also assist in optimizing content for search engines. The HTML Creator streamlines web development, making it accessible for both novices and experts. Download it for Windows or Mac using the buttons below or try AI for an enhanced experience.

View in Action

 Dive into the online realm of website creation with the video below, crafted to guide you through the intricacies of designing captivating websites using an HTML creator. Step-by-step, it unveils the essentials of layout, color schemes, and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring your site not only looks appealing but functions smoothly.


What is an HTML creator?

An HTML creator is a tool or software that enables users to design and create web pages using the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) code. These tools can range from simple text editors to sophisticated web design software offering a wide array of features for both beginners and professionals.

Do I need to know HTML to use an HTML creator?

Not necessarily. Many HTML creators, including Mobirise, offer a visual interface that allows users to design web pages without writing a single line of code. However, having a basic understanding of HTML can be helpful in fine-tuning your designs.

Can I use an HTML creator for professional web design?

Absolutely! Many professional web designers use HTML creators as part of their toolkit to speed up development and allow for visual layout designs. Tools like Mobirise offer advanced features and flexibility catering to professional needs.

Is Mobirise suitable for beginners?

Yes, Mobirise is highly suitable for beginners. Its drag-and-drop interface and easy-to-use features make it an excellent choice for those who are new to web design or do not have coding expertise.

What kind of websites can I build with Mobirise?

You can build a wide variety of websites using Mobirise, including but not limited to portfolios, business sites, eCommerce stores, personal blogs, and educational websites. Its extensive range of templates and customization options allows for the creation of unique and professional-looking websites.

Is Mobirise free to use?

Mobirise offers a free version with a broad range of features sufficient for many personal and small business websites. However, for access to more advanced features and plugin integrations, there are premium versions available for purchase.

Choosing the right HTML creator

  • Mobirise Mobirise stands out as a foremost HTML builder, thanks to its AI-driven approach that eliminates the need for coding, making it exceptionally user-friendly. This free software is designed for both non-tech savvy users and professionals, enabling the creation of beautiful websites effortlessly. Its drag-and-drop interface simplifies the web design process, providing various contemporary templates and blocks. The platform's flexibility allows for easy customization, while its cost-effectiveness is unmatched, especially when considering its robust feature set. However, its reliance on local software for editing can be a con for some users who prefer entirely web-based solutions.
  • Wix Wix is a popular web development platform that enables users to create stunning websites through a drag-and-drop interface. It's known for its ease of use and a wide selection of templates that cater to various industries. Wix supports HTML5 and offers a flexible design environment, although it might not offer the same level of customization as some code-based platforms. Its freemium model allows users to start free, with the option to upgrade for additional features. One drawback is that once you select a template, you cannot change it without recreating your site from scratch.
  • Squarespace Squarespace is renowned for its sleek templates and sophisticated design capabilities, making it a preferred choice for creatives and businesses aiming for a professional web presence. It offers a balance of ease of use and customization, with a focus on design and aesthetics. While not entirely free, it provides a good value for its cost, especially with included hosting. The platform supports HTML editing through its Code Block, though direct template customization is limited compared to pure HTML editors. One downside is its higher learning curve for those unfamiliar with web design.
  • Weebly Weebly is a user-friendly web builder that offers a variety of design templates and tools, making the process of creating a website relatively simple. It's great for beginners due to its drag-and-drop interface and is cost-effective, with both free and paid plans. Weebly supports HTML and CSS editing for more detailed customization, providing flexibility for those with a bit of coding knowledge. However, compared to more advanced platforms, it may lack some features desired by professional developers. A potential con is that its templates can be more limited in customization options.
  • WordPress WordPress is a powerful content management system that excels in flexibility and customization, primarily through its vast ecosystem of themes and plugins. While it requires a steeper learning curve, its potential for creating highly customized and feature-rich websites is practically unmatched. WordPress itself is free, but costs can add up with premium themes, plugins, and hosting. It supports direct HTML and CSS editing, making it ideal for those willing to delve into code. One drawback is that managing updates and security can be challenging for beginners.
  • Shopify Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform designed to provide businesses with all the necessary tools to create an online store. It blends ease of use with powerful sales-focused features, including customizable templates that respond well to HTML and CSS adjustments. While not the cheapest option, considering its monthly subscription model, its comprehensive e-commerce tools justify the expense for many users. Unlike other platforms focused on content, Shopify's HTML and CSS customizations are geared towards online retail, which might limit its appeal for non-e-commerce projects. Also, transitioning out of Shopify can be difficult due to its proprietary system.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Dreamweaver is a sophisticated web design tool that caters to both beginners and experienced developers. It combines a visual interface with code editing features, offering a seamless transition between design and development. Dreamweaver supports a multitude of web standards, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, allowing for high flexibility and customization. It's part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, making it more expensive than standalone options. Its main con is the cost and the complexity for absolute beginners, but it's highly regarded for professional web development and design.
  • GoDaddy Website Builder GoDaddy's Website Builder is designed for simplicity and speed, allowing users to quickly create a website without getting bogged down in technical details. It offers a range of templates and a straightforward drag-and-drop interface, making it accessible for beginners. While it lacks the depth of customization available in more advanced platforms, it includes essential features suitable for small businesses or personal projects. The cost is reasonable, with various plans including domain registration. A significant con is its limited flexibility for more complex site requirements or intricate design customization.

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