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Create websites on PC or Mac. Publish anywhere.

Multiple AI templates

A real-time HTML editor presents an extensive assortment of AI-generated website themes and templates, meticulously crafted to suit diverse spheres of life and business. With over 9500 stunning website blocks, users gain access to both free and premium themes, alongside versatile page templates that mirror the latest trends in web design. These offerings come brimming with customization options, allowing for a seamless adaptation to individual preferences or brand identity, thus empowering users to shape their online presence distinctively.


How to make websites with real time HTML editor?

1. Download or Open the Real-Time HTML Editor

Before you begin creating a website, you need the right tools. Depending on your operating system (OS), download the real-time HTML editor app for Mac, Windows, or Linux. Alternatively, if you prefer working directly from your browser without any downloads, open the online version of the real-time HTML editor. This will be your primary workspace for designing and developing your website.

2. Starting with AI

Kickstart your website design process by leveraging the AI capabilities of the real-time HTML editor. This feature, often accessible from the main dashboard, lets you input certain design preferences or content suggestions. Based on your inputs, the AI drafts a preliminary website layout or suggests a structure. This step significantly reduces the initial design time and provides you with a creative direction or starting point for your website improvement.

3. Customize the Design

After you have a basic layout from the AI, it's time to customize the design to fit your brand and vision. The real-time HTML editor typically features a wide range of templates and customizable elements like fonts, colors, and images. Experiment with these elements to create a unique look for your website. Remember to regularly preview your changes in real-time to ensure your design looks as expected on various devices.

4. Add Your Content

With the framework of your site taking shape, it’s crucial to populate it with engaging content. Using the editor’s intuitive interface, add text, images, videos, and other media to enhance your site. Ensure your content is well-organized and easy to navigate, as this improves both the user experience and your site’s SEO performance. Take advantage of the editor’s features to embed social media feeds or contact forms to increase interactivity.

5. Preview and Test

Before you launch your website, it's imperative to thoroughly preview and test it across different browsers and devices. This step ensures that your website looks and functions as intended, regardless of where or how your audience accesses it. Use the real-time HTML editor’s preview feature to simulate various environments, and make necessary adjustments to guarantee a seamless user experience. Test all interactive elements, like links and forms, for functionality.

6. Publish Your Website

After finalizing the design and ensuring everything works perfectly, it's time to publish your website. Typically, the real-time HTML editor will have a “Publish” or “Go Live” button seamlessly integrated into its interface. Click on this to bring your site to the online world. Remember to share your new website on social media and with your network to start generating traffic. Regularly update your site with fresh content to keep it relevant and engaging.

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Edit locally and publish wherever

Publishing your website is a versatile process, offering multiple options such as a local drive, FTP, and the cloud-based * Alternatively, a custom domain can give your project a unique identity. This flexibility ensures you're not confined to a single platform or dependent on a specific service provider. By maintaining ownership of your site, you retain complete control over its content, design, and hosting environment, safeguarding your digital autonomy.

Start selling online

Elevate your website by incorporating cutting-edge e-commerce functionalities - Smart Cart and Simple Shop extensions for your application. Seamlessly integrate your shop onto your website, effortlessly manage dynamic product cards, and observe as orders are smoothly processed directly to your WhatsApp, email, Stripe, or PayPal. These tools transform your site into a powerful e-commerce platform, enhancing the shopping experience for your customers and streamlining your sales process.

Get social

Discover the diverse range of social feed extensions available to enhance your website by incorporating your Instagram or Facebook posts, and displaying your latest TikTok or YouTube videos. These tools offer an effortless way to update your website with fresh content directly from your social media accounts, ensuring your audience stays engaged with the most recent updates and creative outputs. Embedding these feeds can elevate user experience, keeping your website vibrant and connected to your active online presence.

Build a mobile-friendly site

Ensuring your customers can effortlessly access your services on their mobile devices is crucial. Websites developed through the app are inherently mobile-friendly, aligning with user preferences for on-the-go access. This compatibility is not just about user convenience; Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites in search rankings. By adopting this approach, businesses enhance their visibility online, making it simpler for potential customers to find and interact with their services, thereby improving overall user experience.

View and edit website code

For those needing advanced customization, the Code Editor extension is invaluable. It allows for direct manipulation of your website's HTML/CSS, ensuring every detail matches your vision. This tool empowers you to manually tweak your site, integrate external plugins for added functionality, and even craft unique HTML blocks from the ground up. Embrace this level of control to tailor your online presence precisely, demonstrating your distinctive brand and enhancing user experience.

Key real time HTML editor features


AI Generation

AI generation in the real time HTML editor is a groundbreaking feature allowing users to generate code automatically. It utilizes advanced algorithms to understand user intent and generates corresponding HTML elements, speeding up the web development process significantly. This feature is especially beneficial for beginners and those who wish to streamline their workflow. It not only saves time but also educates on best coding practices, helping to improve overall coding skills over time.


Export and Publish Anywhere

The ability to export and publish content anywhere directly from the editor is a vital feature for web developers. This functionality ensures that users can not only create but also share their work on various platforms with ease. Whether it’s a personal blog, a company website, or a social media post, this feature supports seamless integration across the web. It empowers users to reach a broader audience by making their content universally accessible, enhancing visibility and engagement.


Offline Mode

Offline mode is another essential feature of the real time HTML editor, allowing users to continue their development work without an active internet connection. This capability ensures that your productivity doesn’t come to a halt during internet outages or while on the go. Once reconnected, the editor can sync your changes with any online resources or repositories. This feature is particularly useful for those who travel frequently or work in areas with unstable internet connections, enabling continuous development workflow irrespective of the connectivity status.

Live Preview

The live preview feature offers instant visual feedback by rendering the HTML code as it’s being written. This real-time preview helps in debugging and understanding how different elements interact with each other on a webpage. It significantly reduces the development time by eliminating the need to switch back and forth between the editor and the browser. This feature ensures that users can see the impact of their changes immediately, making it simpler to adjust and refine the layout and styling of web pages for a perfect result.


Enhanced Security

Enhanced security features safeguard your code and content from unauthorized access and potential vulnerabilities. This incorporates strong encryption methods for data protection, regular security updates to defend against new threats, and secure authentication mechanisms. These security measures ensure that your work environment and published content remain intact and free from malicious attacks. This constant vigilance helps in maintaining users' trust, particularly important for websites handling sensitive user information or financial transactions, where security cannot be compromised.


Intuitive User Interface

An intuitive user interface is key to an efficient and enjoyable development experience. The real time HTML editor achieves this with a clean and organized layout, accessible tools, and customizable settings. This friendly user interface accommodates users of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced professionals. By minimising the learning curve and making powerful editing tools readily available, it empowers users to focus more on creativity and less on navigating the software. This approach greatly enhances productivity and user satisfaction.


Code Autocompletion

Code autocompletion accelerates the coding process by predicting the next part of a code statement and providing suggestions to complete it, reducing typing effort and minimizing errors. This feature learns from your coding habits over time, offering more accurate predictions. It supports not just HTML but also CSS and JavaScript, providing a comprehensive development environment. This intelligent assistance helps in maintaining coding standards, ensuring that projects are both efficient and error-free. New developers find this feature particularly helpful as it also serves as a learning tool, offering insights into coding syntax and structure.


Real-Time Collaboration

Real-time collaboration transforms the way teams work together on web development projects. It allows multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously from different locations. Changes made by one user are immediately visible to all other users, making it easier to brainstorm, review, and make decisions quickly. This feature fosters a more dynamic and interactive development process, enhancing productivity and leading to faster project completions. It's especially beneficial for remote teams, providing them with a platform that supports seamless communication and collaboration, irrespective of geographic boundaries.

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What experts say

Have you ever experienced a moment of brilliance while showering, only to see that spark of genius quickly vanish? I'm here to remind you to capture your Ideas, Visions, and Aspirations by noting them at Whatever your goal may be – designing a landing page, starting a blog, setting up a portfolio, or any other project, empowers you to bring it to life swiftly.

Kelsey Taylor

AKA Foreign Recipe

Regardless of your expertise, this tool empowers you to create the website you've always envisioned. Its straightforward, drag-and-drop interface makes it perfect for novices.

Catherine Hiley

In my view, it resembles a construction made from a wide variety of Lego bricks. Craft websites that shine in the mobile space!

Ric Manning


Should a beginner in website creation seek my advice for a completely free website builder, I would confidently rank this tool among my top suggestions. It has far exceeded my anticipations. Initially, I anticipated encountering minor glitches, like a button that wouldn't respond or a web component that lagged. However, to my surprise, I encountered no such issues. The ease of use is simply remarkable.

Mike Johnston

CMS Critic

Seeking a site that's responsive on mobile devices, primed for search engine rankings, and crafted with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—all without any effort or expense from you? Here you go, enjoy at no cost!

Mark Gibbs


Individuals in search of a robust, yet easy-to-use site constructor will find it highly beneficial. The platform boasts a sophisticated, block-oriented building tool, comprehensive built-in functionalities, and an array of elegant upscale templates that collectively offer much to admire.

Daniel Blechynden

Daniel Blechynden

Tom's Guide

The inaugural website template, utilizing the newest Bootstrap 5 framework, has just been launched by the live HTML editor.

Bloomberg Business


This incredible software offers everyone the opportunity to create stunning websites effortlessly through its easy-to-use, drag-and-drop designs available for immediate use at no cost. Start today without spending a penny.

Ray The Video Guy

A live HTML editor presents an innovative approach for creating websites that perform seamlessly and quickly across mobile devices and desktops alike. It stands out as one of the simplest tools available for web creation.

Alex Ivanovs


This is essentially a sophisticated way to express immense joy for the ability to create websites that would typically necessitate programming knowledge, without actually having any such skills.

Roger Hollings


As an innovator in its field, this entity is democratizing AI for graphic experts, enthusiasts, and web creators, eliminating the need for them to delve into coding.

Tom Green

Effortlessly create websites by simply dragging and dropping elements, assembling your site in just a few moments! This stands out as the simplest software option available for constructing websites.

Vladimir Ciobica


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User Reviews

Chose this real-time HTML editor after researching tools that could give me live feedback as I code. Initially, I wondered if it would handle my complex project needs or lag, but it exceeded expectations, instantly rendering my changes without a hitch. I particularly loved the syntax highlighting which made my coding error-free. However, I found the text editor options slightly limiting compared to my regular IDE. The direct visual result as I code was a game-changer for fast-paced web development. Would recommend for anyone starting in web design for its intuitiveness. - Michael C.

I turned to this editor for a simple website project because of its beginner-friendly tag, and it didn’t disappoint. My biggest question was whether I could import my own CSS files, and not only was it possible, but incredibly seamless. The instant feedback on HTML edits enhanced my learning, making it easy to understand the impact of my code. Positives included the intuitive interface and comprehensive error messages, but I did miss having a wider variety of templates to kick off my project. In all, a solid choice for those new to coding. - Julia W.

As a professional web developer, I was skeptical about using a real-time HTML editor but needed a quick solution for a client's project. The speed and accuracy of the live preview were impressive, allowing me to iterate designs rapidly. The editor facilitated direct coding and visual editing, which was a plus. However, I encountered limitations with advanced scripting and custom library integration which were critical for my project. Despite these cons, it's a powerful tool for straightforward web design tasks and prototyping. - Elena M.

Opted for this editor as I wanted a platform that could offer real-time previews and was pleasantly surprised by the array of features. It was easy to navigate even for someone with minimal HTML experience. My main question was about responsiveness and mobile optimization; thankfully, the tool provided excellent options for testing on different screen sizes. The live error detection was a lifesaver, though I felt the platform could improve by incorporating more advanced SEO tools. It's perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike who value efficiency. - Tom N.

After comparing several builders, I chose this real-time HTML editor for its user-friendly interface and the promise of straightforward site creation. The editor's real-time preview was incredibly useful for tweaking my site on the fly, a feature that many editors surprisingly lack. Questions arose regarding the integration of third-party APIs, and though it took some digging, the documentation provided clear guidance. While the editor excelled in simplicity and immediacy, I found the customization options slightly lacking for more complex projects. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent tool for beginners and quick edits. - Christina F.

When I embarked on creating a website for my start-up, I decided to use a real-time HTML editor for its immediacy and direct feedback feature. Initially, I utilized pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but soon realized I needed a more streamlined approach. That's when I discovered Mobirise, an incredible tool that simplified the entire process. Utilizing its drag-and-drop functionality, I was able to design the website visually without compromising on custom code sections where necessary. The most challenging part was ensuring the site was responsive on mobile devices, but Mobirise offered numerous templates and extensions that made it far easier than anticipated. My final product was a sleek, professional website ready in a fraction of the time it would have taken to code from scratch. - Emily C.

Building my portfolio website was a dive into the deep end, having minimal prior experience. I started with an online real-time HTML editor, which was invaluable for learning basic HTML and CSS through trial and error. Eventually, I incorporated JavaScript for interactive elements. The real game-changer, however, was integrating a Bootstrap framework for responsiveness, which dramatically improved the site's mobile view. The biggest challenge was debugging JavaScript code in real-time but seeing immediate visual updates helped quickly pinpoint issues. This project taught me the ins and outs of website creation, from coding to design. - Marco B.

Creating a website for my photography business was daunting at first, but leveraging a real-time HTML editor simplified the process. I experimented with various tools but settled on Mobirise for its intuitive interface and rich features tailored for visual projects. The drag-and-drop functionality allowed me to focus on the creative aspect without getting bogged down by code. My challenge was achieving an optimal load time for high-resolution images, which I addressed by optimizing images and using Mobirise’s AMP feature. The outcome was a stunning, fast-loading website that truly represented my work. - Jasmine F.

Launching an online store seemed overwhelming due to my lack of coding knowledge. I sought out a real-time HTML editor that could offer a visual approach to building websites. My journey led me to use platforms like WordPress initially, intertwining plugins and a bit of custom HTML for specific tweaks. The turning point was integrating a real-time CSS editor plugin, which dramatically changed how I approached design adjustments, allowing for instant feedback. The primary challenge was dealing with plugin conflicts, which I learned to troubleshoot through community forums and extensive testing. Though not without its hurdles, this process enlightened me on the vast possibilities of web development. - Tom R.

Designing an educational platform required a clear understanding of HTML and real-time editing. I began with basic HTML to structure content, CSS for styling, and JavaScript for interactivity. As the project grew, the need for a comprehensive solution became evident. I delved into React for its component-based approach, allowing for reusable UI elements, and integrated a real-time HTML editor for live content updates. Challenges included mastering React’s learning curve and ensuring cross-browser compatibility. This experience not only honed my coding skills but also improved my problem-solving capabilities, resulting in a robust educational website. - Clara H.

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A real-time HTML editor is a sophisticated software tool designed for web developers, enabling them to swiftly write, edit, and preview HTML code in real-time. Unlike traditional coding environments, it updates the output view instantly as you type, facilitating immediate feedback and accelerating the development process. This editor encompasses features like syntax highlighting, code validation, and auto-completion, enhancing coding accuracy and efficiency. It supports various frameworks and libraries, ensuring versatility for diverse web projects. Ideal for both beginners and professionals, it streamlines web development tasks. Enhance your coding experience by downloading the real-time HTML editor for Windows or Mac using the buttons below, or explore its capabilities through AI.

View in Action

 Watch the video below to delve into the art of crafting an attractive website with the real-time HTML editor. Discover step-by-step tutorials, insider tips, and essential design principles to elevate your web design skills. Perfect for beginners and seasoned designers alike, this video guide will enhance your website aesthetics and functionality.


What is a real-time HTML editor?

A real-time HTML editor is a tool that allows users to code in HTML and instantly see the results of their code without refreshing or leaving the page. It's particularly useful for learning, prototyping, and quick testing.

Why is Mobirise considered a great option for a real-time HTML editor?

Mobirise is favored because it provides a clean, intuitive interface that simplifies the process of web development. Its drag-and-drop functionality combined with real-time preview makes it an excellent option for both beginners and professionals looking to efficiently create responsive websites.

Can I use Mobirise for commercial projects?

Yes, you can use Mobirise for both personal and commercial projects. It offers a wide range of themes and extensions that can be tailored to fit any project's requirements.

Is there any cost associated with using Mobirise?

The base version of Mobirise is freeware, meaning you can use it for free. However, for access to advanced features and premium themes, there are costs involved with various pricing options.

Do I need any prior coding experience to use Mobirise?

No, you do not need any prior coding experience to use Mobirise. It's designed to be user-friendly for beginners, with drag-and-drop features and easy-to-understand interfaces, although having some basic HTML knowledge can enhance your experience.

How does Mobirise support responsive web design?

Mobirise inherently supports responsive web design through its use of modern web technologies and frameworks. Templates and blocks automatically adjust to fit different screen sizes, ensuring your website looks great on any device.

Choosing the right real time HTML editor

  • Mobirise Mobirise is a user-friendly, AI-driven website builder, recognized for its simplicity and focus on visual design. It is particularly appealing for its no-code platform, enabling users to effortlessly create websites with drag-and-drop functionality. This free-to-use tool is designed for users with little to no coding knowledge, making it accessible to a wide audience. Its real-time HTML editing feature allows users to see their changes instantly, enhancing the design process. However, while it excels in ease of use and cost-effectiveness, it may lack some of the advanced features found in other professional-grade editors.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Dreamweaver stands out as a powerful, comprehensive web design tool, offering a seamless blend of visual editing and coding. It supports real-time HTML editing, allowing designers to work directly on the code and instantly preview changes. Dreamweaver is tailored for both beginners and experienced developers, with its range of templates and coding shortcuts. However, its sophistication comes with a steep learning curve and a subscription cost, making it less accessible for casual users or those on a tight budget. Despite this, its extensive features and Adobe ecosystem integration make it a strong contender for professional web development.
  • Pinegrow Pinegrow is a desktop website builder that champions flexibility with its multi-page editing and real-time preview capabilities. Unlike some competitors, it offers a unique feature that allows editing multiple pages simultaneously, streamlining the web development process. Pinegrow supports a wide range of frameworks and languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, catering to both beginners and seasoned developers. Its one-time purchase model can be cost-effective over time, although initial costs may deter some users. While its feature set is robust, newcomers might find its interface less intuitive than simpler, more accessible platforms like Mobirise.
  • BlueGriffon BlueGriffon is a free, open-source website editor that leverages the Gecko rendering engine, ensuring websites are designed with the latest web standards in mind. It offers a straightforward approach to web design, combining a simple interface with the capability for direct coding. This makes it suitable for users seeking a balance between visual editing and hands-on coding. Although BlueGriffon provides essential tools for website creation, its feature set and interface may feel limited compared to more comprehensive, paid solutions. It represents a good starting point for beginners, but advanced users might find it lacking in functionality and extensibility.
  • Atom Atom, developed by GitHub, is a free and open-source text editor known for its flexibility and customization options. Primarily a code editor, Atom supports real-time collaboration through teletype plugins, allowing multiple users to edit code simultaneously. Its package manager enables users to enhance its functionality, tailoring the tool to their specific needs. While not a website builder in the traditional sense, Atom's versatility and extensive plugin ecosystem make it a valuable tool for web developers seeking a customizable coding environment. Its main drawback is the technical knowledge required to fully leverage its capabilities, potentially making it less accessible for novices.
  • Brackets Brackets is a lightweight, yet powerful, open-source editor focused on web development. Its live preview feature allows developers to see changes in real time, directly in the browser, which enhances workflow efficiency. Brackets stands out for its emphasis on visual tools and preprocessor support, making it ideal for front-end developers and designers. It's free to use, making it an attractive option for students and professionals alike. However, compared to more comprehensive IDEs, Brackets may lack some advanced features, but its user-friendly interface and community-driven extensions make it a popular choice for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editing.
  • Sublime Text Sublime Text is a sophisticated, cross-platform code editor known for its speed, efficiency, and powerful editing features. It supports multiple programming languages and markup languages, including HTML. Its real-time preview plugin can be installed to enhance HTML editing, allowing users to see their changes immediately. Sublime Text's vast array of keyboard shortcuts and customization options makes it a favorite among experienced developers. However, its proprietary nature means users must purchase a license for continued use, potentially making it less appealing for those seeking free alternatives. Despite this, its performance and feature set justify the cost for many professionals.
  • Froala Froala is a modern, lightweight WYSIWYG HTML Editor designed for developers who value simplicity and performance. Its real-time editing capability allows for seamless integration into applications, making it highly versatile. Froala is known for its clean design, intuitive UI, and extensive API options, catering to a broad spectrum of web development projects. While it excels in usability and integration, the licensing cost may be a consideration for some users. Despite this, its efficiency, responsive design support, and ease of use make it a top choice for developers looking for a robust, feature-rich HTML editing solution.

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