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Everyone might come to question himself: how to create a website? Now, that is no problem at all. You just have to type something appropriate like “create a website” into the search box and Google shows you the best matching results of how you can do that.

free landing page html templates

But the presence of the huge quantity of available solutions we cannot really find the quality one. How are we supposed to know which way we should go by creating and launching a website and how to make it top-modern and high-quality?

One of the proven options is building a website using pre-designed website templates. It allows you to resolve your problems by cutting down the development time and saving money you could spend for hiring a professional web development staff. For example, you can acquaint yourself with RestaurantM4 Responsive Bootstrap template.

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Bootstrap Template

RestaurantM4 free Bootstrap template is a Responsive Bootstrap template. For those who have no clue about what it means: Bootstrap is billed as one of the popular web frameworks. It determines the structure of the HTML, CSS and JS of the website making it highly responsive. Bootstrap also facilitates the web development process, so people don’t have to code everything: they can use special Bootstrap classes that automatically apply multiple functions for their websites at once.

landing page templates

The RestaurantM4 free landing page templates was created for those who don’t even want or have the opportunity to learn how to use this framework, so using this theme is like killing two birds with one stone: your website could be on trend without much input on your part.

Facility of use

The first question you might ask yourself is how to use the RestaurantM4 theme and create outstanding websites with it. First of all, you need to download a free website builder called Mobirise. Mobirise Free Website Builder is one of the reliable full-fledged website editors with a whole bunch of customising functions. The installation process takes no longer than one minute.

landing page templates

Once the website builder and the Free Bootstrap 4 template are installed, you can start building masterpieces with them. Just drag website blocks on the white canvas, edit them using block parameters, add pictures, embed YouTube videos, type some interesting text - it’s pretty hard to get bored while creating fully responsive websites with Mobirise and its RestaurantM4 Bootstrap Template.

Stylish Website Blocks

The first thing that attracts our attention is extremely beautiful looking website blocks. There are 40 blocks that play their own roles on the website:

  • Sticky, transparent and full-screen menus
  • Intros with titles, underlines, parallax background images and video popup
  • Features with responsive cards including content, icons and media elements
  • Restaurant menu with underlines and special items
  • Sliders and galleries with lightbox
  • Booking and reservation forms with image backgrounds
  • Teams with gradient background color effect
  • Footers with form and working hours and much more

Responsive Design

Presently we have to take care of how our websites look on different devices. The ones find the way out by creating two separate versions of their websites: desktop and mobile. The others think more perspective: they use one version of their websites that fit every device screen without problems. That’s what the Bootstrap basis of the RestaurantM4 theme is meant for.

landing page templates

Therefore all of the website ever created with this website free bootstrap template will display excellently on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Modern Features

Along with trendy blocks Mobirise provides some modern features that let your website stand out from the crowd. You can adjust the transparency of the elements, create a video or image background with parallax effect or a gradient background.

free landing page html templates

You also have control over text fonts and colors, link properties, scroll animations, social media integration and much more. All these features will turn your website into something fresh and up-to-date, providing an amazing user experience.

Multipurpose Flexibility

Even though the website theme is supposed to be used by restaurant owners, it is perfect for any kind of websites. Just replace the images and videos, fill the pages with your own content - that’s easy.


It doesn’t matter how you are going to reach your goals. Anyway, Mobirise and its RestaurantM4 landing page templates are one of the easiest site creation solutions ever existed.

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