Best Free Website Builder Review

All this for free? No Gimmicks? These were the first thoughts that crossed my mind while I was exploring the Mobirise Best Free Website Builder. It makes you feel like a genius, but the real work has already been done, as a tool, it helps everyone who needs a professional job get customized sites that is suitable for their business. There were some drawbacks that may be noticed by only people like us who are always demanding more from developers, but the positives by far outweigh negatives.

Best Free Website Builder

Starting the review from the observations about its use. Now, all businesses need well-designed sites that feature the latest trends or else bounce rates might increase. For such businesses, Mobirise has a lot of enticing features that will make business owners look no further.

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Some of the features offered by Mobirise that are similar to the latest trends of websites today include the astonishing themes, options to change viewing settings with different overlay color effects or transparency, easy to use parallax scrolling, drop down menus, sticky menus, captivating intros, slider article format and social media integration among many other fascinating options to make your site appeal to your audience.

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Themes and Extensions

It is well planned and convenient, would have been such a shame for the design to be made for only businesses leaving private customers out in the cold but, everyone can use the Best Free Website Builder. Here, we spent some time exploring the themes and extensions and they are awesome. In total we counted over 1,000 aesthetic looking blocks, 8700+ mobile icons to enhance site appearance, over 100 effects and skins for the slider, 24 themes, and 4 extensions. It is packed. We did notice that the premium themes and extensions where being offered for a 77% discount, which also applies to the complete Mobirise kit, fair! Since each extension and theme had separate keys, they can be used on other accounts which means I can share with my friends at work as gifts, Awesome. For all extensions purchased, users get lifetime validity. However, a small fee is charged for support and upgrades after one-year free access. Extensions can also be used in the office and at home on two separate computers with one account.

So let us have a look at the extensions and themes offered by Mobirise.

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Apparently, everything has been covered, there is something for everyone. The extensions have all been developed by the Best Free Website Builder, they include; Resume AMP, Light AMP, Fitness AMP, Startup AMP, Wedding AMP, Space AMP, Sound AMP, Handyman AMP, Black AMP, Architect AMP, Event AMP, Commerce M4, Business M4, Portfolio M4, Hotel M4, Store M4, Lawyer M4, Restaurant M4, Agency M4, Code editor, PayPal Shopping Cart, WOW Slider, BlockPack (Mobirise 3), Direct M, ColorM, Icons, SpaceM. These extensions come with individual activation keys and instructions.

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The Mobirise themes are predesigned, however; users can edit and make changes to suit their needs. While making changes, block parameters can be adjusted to customize the blocks; fonts can be changed, images and videos can be added to pages, and lots more. These changes can be made by simply dragging and dropping the blocks and using the edit features.

Blocks and Features

Regarding blocks, Mobirise users can expect to have a good time making the choices that best suit the look they want for their sites. Many of the themes have over 100 blocks, while we spotted some themes with about 70 blocks. That’s a lot to ‘play around’ with while designing an amazing site.

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The features of Mobirise are so easy to use, and editing is even more fun. Users have the liberty to try out different features and preview their creations before the final publishing. Previews are also available in mobile and desktop view to have a clear idea how the site will look on all devices. While features such as the pop videos, pricing tables, progress blocks, contact form will catch the attention of users, it was amazing to discover the social media integration feature. Right now social media is a ‘big deal,’ it seems everyone is there. So it is awesome that owners of websites can monitor and engage with their social media audience right from the site.

Pros and Cons

The pros are the multiple premium features which are offered in discounted packages and the freedom to share keys with friends at work. The social media integration is also a plus for all businesses, edit features to make corrections, no need for coding skills, and responsiveness to mobile devices and desktops, and innovative features such as the up-scroll animation which increases audience engagement on the site.

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However, we noticed a slight hitch that will probably mean nothing to many users; the page layout designs are restricted to stacking blocks on each other. So, all users are restricted to creating their designs with the blocks and no options for people who want a somewhat plain look for their pages.


In conclusion, we rate it 5 stars. The Best Free Website Builder met all our expectations and the discount offers for the update, and support renewals will encourage users because it is affordable and everyone can continue getting value.

Quick download on Windows or Mac and sites developed with Mobirise can be uploaded and managed on so many platforms.