How to Design Your Own Website

The AMP trend has exploded a couple of years ago and now it’s still getting more admired by its users. There are some objective reasons why they love it. But first of all, we need to clarify what AMP actually means.

What does AMP mean?

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are a bundle of rules that allows pages to load instantly, in particular when viewed on mobile devices. AMP uses AMP-HTML, AMP-JS and AMP-Cache to process these web pages in order for them to appear on mobile devices as quickly as possible. AMP implies some restrictions and simplification of the pages. Instead, users’ pages get higher ranking results and better findability on Google.

how to design your own website

Even if you already have a website, creating an AMP version or adding some AMP pages to your site will be a great advantage for you.

You might be wondering how to flinch from learning the AMP structure and setting up your AMP page manually. For this case, you can use an AMP building application. One of the most easy and effective of them is AMP Site Builder.

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What is AMP Site Builder?

AMP Web Page Builder as well as 8b website builder is an offline web design software which allows you to learn how to make your own website free. Using this application, you don’t need to touch any line of code to create appealing valid AMP sites.

develop a website for free

How to install it?

The installation process is not nearly as complicated as it sounds. Just download AMP Site Builder for free, open a zip file and click on “Setup”. It will take you one minute at the longest.

As soon as the application’s installed, you can easily create your account using your existing Facebook or Google account or your email address.

How does it work?

How to design your own website easily? Move your mouse to the left and click on “Sites” and “Create New Site” in the appeared dashboard. Name your website and choose an AMP template for it, for example, AMP eCommerce Template or AMP Portfolio Template. After you’ve pressed OK, you can start designing.

The first thing you will see is a blank white page. By clicking on the red button in the lower right corner you will see a blocks panel sliding up. Drag some blocks on the page and drop them where you want them to take place.

how to design your own website

If you need to change your block, just click on a blue gear button in its upper right corner: here you can replace a background image, hide or show elements, change colors and much more.

There’s no problem to edit the content: just do it as if you were using a usual text editor. Click on any image or video to replace it with your own one.

Awesome blocks

What the most users like on AMP Website Builder is its beautifully designed ready-to-use website blocks. There are over 40 sections to choose from and this variety allows creating unique and unparalleled sites. Just play around with block parameters to give a shape to every block and make it look like you desire to develop a website for free.

develop a website for free

You will find mobile menus with sidebars, headers with background images, features blocks with embedded images and videos, article blocks, maps, social buttons, footers and much more.

Pros and cons

If we search for some positive and negative reviews of using AMP, we’ll find a lot of answers.

how to design your own website

What good is that AMP speeds up the time for loading our pages. Thanks to this it provides a greater user experience - almost no one is going to wait more than 5 seconds until the site’s completely loaded. This is a plus for publishers as well because they get more audience to view their content. Moreover, AMP pages get ranked higher in Google search results.

The most of bad reviews are based on the experience with creating this kind of pages: it takes more time to develop them. But we can leave this point out of the equation because we have Free Site Maker which let us build AMP pages without any efforts.


As long as the AMP trend is widespread and AMP Website Builder exists, we can ask ourselves: why not make more out of it?

I can’t find an excuse not to use an AMP Page Builder for some pages or entire websites if one wants to develop a website for free in a short time.

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