Fitness Bootstrap AMP Template Review

With the world fast becoming a global village, there is and will always be a need to own a personal space on the World Wide Web, whether plain, simple advertisement sites or e-commerce sites, all have been found useful in growing/promoting businesses. The road to creating a website is a rather long and tasking one. It starts from learning web languages (HTML, XML), styling (CSS) to web interactivity (Javascript), it sadly doesn’t end yet, you should have an “eye” for design as well. As if all the required technical work isn’t enough, you have to possess a supernatural ability too.

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With advancement in technology, however, the narrative is changing as there has been a rise in website builder software which aid in the creation of visually appealing websites without coding! Just visually dragging elements and dropping on a webpage, how cool!

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Mobirise is a free website builder offline software, designed with both inexperienced and experienced developers in mind. Novices can now very easily download the app for their corresponding operating systems (windows, Linux or Mac) and begin creating sites by dragging and dropping blocks from a side menu or by choosing from numerous available AMP themes and templates with great color pallets (which will help the “eye-less” a lot), editing text and changing styles such as colours, font sizes, opacity, line height, borders and so on to suit them while web developers can easily focus on the backend with frontend design being so simplified.

Why Mobrise?

Mobirise software offers a ton of advantages, the biggest one being its level of scalability. It utilizes Bootstrap CSS framework to ensure that websites adjust properly, it’s optimized for and fits different device screens which is very important as the use of mobile devices has far overtaken the use of desktops, laptops and wide-screen devices.

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Web design with Mobirise AMP Website builder utilizes blocks which are basically sections of a typical website like a gallery block to contain pictures, content slider, navbar, carousel, article, sidebar, footer, social block and so on to carry corresponding or needed information. An integral part of the package are the web icons that can be styled accordingly. Mobirise websites can also be hosted on several platforms and are compatible across browsers. After designing, one gets to preview both mobile and web versions before it is deployed.

What is AMP??

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project is a Google design initiative to make to enhance speed and improve the user experience. It entails aligning a website to meet Google’s AMP standard by using AMP HTML (HTML with restrictions and JavaScript (minimal). AMP pages are saved on the Google AMP cache thus improving the overall web friendliness as web pages are served from the cache to enable continuous service even with minimal connectivity.

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Mobirise AMP websites are Google AMP compliant and as such can be really fast (as expected), Google search engine optimized which implies that they are given preference by Google search, and web pages are further optimized the “Content-First” web design principle, dummy texts that you can customize are used.

Mobrise’s Fitness AMP Look??

The Mobirise fitness Bootstrap AMP Template is an elegant, beautifully laid out Bootstrap AMP Template for fitness related businesses with three examples highlighted, the fitness club, the workout movement, the healthy food club for recipes and tips. Each one with information presumed to be required of them including live demos.

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The demo pages include blocks like:

  • A header that houses the business name and a brief description
  • Tabs
  • Pricing tables describing the different offers an pricing
  • Timetable block showing a calendar with daily classes and trainers
  • Content blocks containing information about workout plans
  • Progress bars to track progress
  • Embedded YouTube videos to demonstrate workouts
  • Team block to show instructors and trainers
  • A map block with Google maps embedded for easy access to location of business
  • Form to reach business with your message or enquiry
  • A footer that houses a social block to link to all social media pages

The Bootstrap AMP Template is laid out with its predominant colors being white and black. Its pages laid with high-resolution pictures, careful detailing from the use of hover effects like animated pictures and buttons, faded picture background that adds visual effects and highlights text at the same time and suiting pops of color.

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Other blocks can be added to the Bootstrap AMP Template depending on client’s needs but the essentials laid out in a clean, visually appealing way is what the Mobirise fitness Bootstrap AMP Template offers. It comes with all the perks of being “AMPed” which include speed and search engine optimization.

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