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In today’s business world where internet marketing has become an important factor, any business can hardly survive without having a well-designed and user-friendly website. However, setting up a website can sometimes be a daunting task that may require you to spend lots of money, especially if you do not have the technical know-how required to create a website. Notably, the latest trend nowadays is for people to make use of website building apps to create their websites. Based on its features, benefits and Free HTML5 Responsive Templates, Mobirise Website Builder is one of the topmost website builders.

Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise Website Builder is a free offline app that can be used to build websites.

free html5 website builder

From landing pages to small or medium websites, promo sites, and online portfolios, this Mac and Window web building app can be used to create virtually any kind of websites that can be used by small or medium businesses, freelancers, and so on.

Unlike many website builders that require a certain level of expertise, Mobirise Website Builder can be used by non-techies as well techies to create awesome websites of their choice.

Latest Mobirise HTML5 Responsive Templates

Mobirise offers different amazing free Bootstrap templates that are specifically designed to suit certain businesses and individuals. Currently, the latest Mobirise responsive website templates are:

  • HotelM4
  • CommercialM4
  • AgencyM4
  • PortfolioM4

CommerceM4 Theme

If you would like to own a website that displays your products or services and gives a clear overview of yourself or your team, CommerceM4 Theme should be your choice. It provides innumerable blocks that help you present your products in a systematically organized pattern for everyone to see. The blocks of this Mobirise4 compatible theme include team blocks, shops, footers, forms and maps, headers, sliders and galleries, pricing tables, features, testimonials, countdowns, content blocks, menus, videos and images, info blocks, and social blocks.

ecommerce bootstrap template

The mobile-friendliness of CommercialM4 theme is one of the features that make it the topmost choice of many commercial websites. Similarly, it is easy to use as you only need to drag the blocks from the menus available and drop them in the right place. Even if you are having problems with installing them on your own, there is a video that gives instructions on how to use the Free HTML5 Responsive Templates on Mobirise website.

The benefits of this theme are:

  • Easy, quick and simple to use
  • Affordable eCommerce website
  • Different features to display your services or products

AgencyM4 Theme

AgencyM4 Theme has several Bootstrap mobile templates that can be easily customized based on the need of each user. It is primarily designed for agencies and companies. Since this theme has more than 70 functional blocks, it can be used for varying purposes based on the particular need of each company or agency. Like other Mobirise Free HTML5 Responsive Templates, you only need to drag and drop the blocks to set up your website, and this will only take a few minutes.

business responsive template

Its website blocks include galleries and sliders, working hour segments, image and videos, gradient, drop-down menus, and counters and gradient blocks. This M4 compatible theme offers the perfect display needed on mobile devices through its unique mobile-friendly interface.

What super about this free Bootstrap template is:

  • Perfect tools such as working hour sections and drop-down menu sets for companies and agencies
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Professional look that suits agencies and companies

HotelM4 Theme

This theme is an M4 compatible theme that has been distinctively designed to fit the needs of hotel and resort websites. It comes with various blocks that allow users to add content sliders, menus, testimonials, galleries, videos and images, maps, pricing tables and other important features that can improve the functionality of the websites.

html5 hotel template

For non-techies, the ease-of-use of installing a theme is primarily the most important parts of any theme, and HotelM4 theme scores a high mark in this regard. By just dropping and dragging the blocks, you can easily set up the whole website without wasting much time. As a result of its highly responsive designs and automatic adjustments, HotelM4 is mobile-friendly; hence, users will enjoy browsing through a HotelM4-designed website with their mobile devices.

Why you should use this free Bootstrap 4 template:

  • Easily customizable blocks
  • Professional and mobile-friendly website
  • Use of several payment methods

PortfolioM4 Theme

This is a free theme for designers, developers, artists, and illustrators who need a simple, yet professional website to display their portfolios. The design of PortfolioM4 Theme is simple and modern; hence, it fits into the tastes and requirements of many professionals that want their existing and potential clients to see what they are capable of offering. If you are a freelancer, you should consider this theme for your website.

bootstrap portfolio template

PortfolioM4 Theme is a Mobirise4 compatible theme that has several blocks including moving background intro, portfolio gallery, our clients, about me, step-by-step process, counters, and counters. You can easily tailor these blocks based on your specific business goals or needs irrespective of your knowledge of website design or development. The free Bootstrap template is also mobile-friendly; hence, you are not going to encounter any problem accessing it through mobile devices.

There are some advantages of this Bootstrap one-page template:

  • User blocks can be interchanged between projects
  • Core blocks are free
  • Easy, simple and quick to use


Without a doubt, HotelM4, CommercialM4, PortfolioM4, and AgencyM4 are great Mobirise Free HTML5 Responsive Templates that both techies and non-techies can make use of to set up websites for small or medium businesses. Though there are optional paid modules and features of the HTML5 website templates that users are advised to buy, their core elements are free. Overall, they are worthwhile HTML5 Responsive Templates for if you want a website that is customizable, easy to use, functional, free, and SEO-friendly.

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