Best Website Builder for Artists | Review 2022

You would need a simple site constructor, if you are a creative person and have some small business, selling pieces of art. The presentation of your goods is very important even if you don’t create it for a big group of people. The personal site would help you to promote the work and describe the materials, process and so on.

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Best Website Builder

Best Website Builder

Though it’s quite expensive to hire people for site creation. Design and further coding parts aren’t easy and require special skills. Moreover, you would need to constantly renew the content on your page as there would be new goods and their descriptions. So the static site without any changes wouldn’t suit you. In this situation, the Best Website Builder for Artists would be the best choice for you. You can create your own site within several hours with a firm structure, professional design, and good-working code.

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You wouldn’t need any knowledge of design or programming. In the application, there would be different elements of the design, which you can just drag-and-drop to your project. Also, it’s possible to change not only the content and images but the style and style of the elements. Also, you can use the Mobirise Free Online Library absolutely for free. There you would find beautiful images in very good resolution. It’s possible to modify them either.

You can publish your projects to Mobirise’s server for free either. It would take several seconds even if you know nothing about publication. It’s possible to publish the project directly to your own hosting server and to GitHub either.

In Mobirise Best Website Builder for Artists you would find a great number of different templates and extensions, which would help you to design and improve your project. You can use Code Editor, PayPal extension, WoW Slider, Popup Builder, Form Builder, Lazy Load and a lot of other very useful extensions. With Code Editor, for example, you can change the code of your site just in the block of the Mobirise app and see the changes. Form Builder would help you to create a difficult form with different fields and captcha. WoW Slider offers you to create an awesome slideshow. It would be useful if you would like to present your art in this way.

Theme for your site

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So, if you wish to try out Mobirise, let’s figure out, which template would suit you the most.

We could recommend you ResumeAMP, OrganicAMP, ArchitectAMP, InteriorAMP, WorkshopAMP, DepotAMP, PhotoM4 and PersonaM4. These themes would suit you perfectly. Though, it’s necessary to mention that every theme would suit you. Please, remember that you can change every theme in the way you want. It’s possible to change the design completely. You can even use some free themes. They have very similar options. In the case, if you wish to sell your art, it would be necessary to buy the PayPal extension.

How to start

Install the application

Please download the Mobirise app here: Then install the program. You would have to register with your Google or Facebook account. It would take just several seconds.

Finally, you would see the main Mobirise’s window. So, it’s necessary to add some themes, which you would use in your project. Click on the main menu in the right upper corner. After that, click on Extensions. Here, you can buy or add (if it’s free) the theme. You can choose any template, which you like, from the list. If it’s free, you need just to click on the green button. If it’s paid, you need to click on the buy button. When you would buy the extension, you receive the necessary instruction for your email.

Create your project

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When the theme installed, you need to return to the main menu and click on the Sites --> Create New Site. Then, you would need to type the theme’s name in the search field and click on it.

Now you can see the main window of Mobirise. Click on the Big red button in the right bottom corner. Here, you can see the list of the blocks, which you can use in your project. To add any of them to your project, just click on it or drag-and-drop to the main window.

Edit elements

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When you added all the necessary blocks, you can change the content and images. To do that, you need just to click on the element. There would be a contextual menu.

In the case, if you want to change the design of the elements, click on the Block Parameters in the right upper corner of the block. There you would see the list of options. It’s possible to change paddings, background, relocate the elements, add overlay and opacity. Also, you can change the buttons' colors and fonts. To do that, please click on the Edit Sites Styles button in the right bottom corner.


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When your site is ready, you need to publish it. Click on the Publish button in the upper right corner. There you can publish your work to Mobirise server, GitHub, your own server and to the local folder on your PC. Watch the tutorial video below.


As you can see, Mobirise Best Website Builder for Artists would perfectly suit you for the promotion of your artwork via the site.

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