Best Website Builder for Small Business - 2020 8b Review

Today, absolutely every company needs a decent website. It’s very important that your site would not only look good but have a very good structure. Design, front-end and back-end development isn’t a cheap thing. That’s why you may consider some Website Builder for this goal.

Site Builder is a great thing for you, as you would not only save a great amount of money but also would control the process. Website Builders are good because you can choose some precise layout design from the list of created opportunities.

8b Web Builder

Best Website Builder

If you need to create a landing page with some simple structure, we can offer you the 8b Best Website Builder for Small Business. This Website Builder has 17 well-designed themes with a huge number of different blocks and their variations. 8b Best Website Builder has the Free Online Library, where you can find beautiful images in big resolution. It’s possible to use them absolutely for free. Also, in the beta version, you can use three sets of icons without any charge.

Eye-catching Themes

As it was said earlier, you would find 17 themes. It’s possible to use any of them for your business: Sport, Shop, Restaurant, Portfolio, Lawyer, Hotel, Gaming, Event Consulting, Company Photographer and so on. Even if you wouldn’t find the proper template for your enterprise, you can change the theme in the way you need it. It’s possible to change not only the content, images, and icons but the structure of the design elements.

By the way, 8b Best Website Builder works on the AMP platform, which was designed by Google. 8b sites have some advantages in comparison with other sites. First of all, the 8b site would work faster on phones. It happens because the system automatically defines keywords and uploads these parts of the text faster.

free website builder

Also, the created design looks better because the system works with the code properly. That’s why all the elements are in their place.

There would be one more advantage. Google would put your site higher in rank because developers want their product was used.

So, if you’re interested enough, we can start the tutorial part.

How to create a website for small business

Sign up for free

Go to You would see two options Select here and Create Free Website. If you would click on Select here, you would see the list of themes. In this case, you need to choose any you like and then name your future site in the field Site Name. After that, click on the Create site button.

Simple Website Builder

Then, you would be transferred to the Login/Sign up page. Registration would take one minute. You can do that with your email or facebook account.

If at the main page, you click on Create Free Website, you would automatically be transferred to Login/Sign up page.

After registration, you will see the existing template. You can change the texts and images just in the blocks. Also, if you click on the text in the appearing menu, it would be possible to set a link or highlight text as bold or italic.

Start Now

Design your site

It’s possible also to change the layout design of any element. To do that, you need to click on the plus sign. It’s located on the left side of each block. When you click, you would see the menu on the right side. It consists of two columns. In the right one, you would find all the blocks, which you may use in your project. If you click on any of them, in the left column you would see the list of these block variations. You can choose any you want.

online website builder

In the case, if you want to bring even more changes to the section, click on the gear icon on the right side of the block. At the top of the appeared menu, you can choose any layout you want. Also, you can click on the Show All Settings button. There you would see a list of options, which would help you to change the layout design of different elements.


When your site is finished, you can change the favicon, connect to your domain, submit your site to Google, connect Analytics, download your site, remove unused CSS or set progressive Web App in 8b Settings.

When everything’s finished, you can publish your project. Open the main menu on the left appear corner and choose to Publish option. That’s it! Your site is published.


As you can see, 8b Best Website Builder is very easy in usage. It would perfectly suit for small businesses. With 8b, you wouldn’t have to spend money on developers and designers. You can create the whole website from scratch without any knowledge of design or code.