Best Website Maker Any Web Developer Need

Mobirise is a website creator that is created for the everyday Joe and Jane to create their high-quality, professional websites in a matter of minutes. I didn’t believe I can create my website that quickly either and it took me less than 10 minutes from choosing my website name to publishing it.

Essentially, Mobirise is the best website maker that can create stunning websites right from your computer.

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There are a ton of advantages of choosing mobirise over other website makers:

  • You don’t need to learn how to code in order to create a stunning website
  • Your website is extremely professional looking and optimizes well on both desktop and mobile phones
  • It has Search Engine Optimization options built-in and is compliant with Google crawlers
  • Has a ton of free themes and specific themes for your business or blog.
  • It Is free

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Flexible and functional

For those looking for a quick and easy small business target page or portfolio best website maker, Mobirise may be a wise choice. It allows you to build catchy and responsive projects in minutes without writing any code. In addition, you will get some of the features below:

SEO Options for days – SEO is extremely important for a website; in fact, you pretty much can’t get any natural traffic without optimizing your website for Search Engines. The best website maker apps offer some sort of SEO options, but mobirise offers a slew of options to make you’re your website ranks on Google. With analysis and ranking capabilities, mobirise makes you’re your website has a fighting chance in today’s market.

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Looks, feels and is safe for customers – There are a lot of things that drive sales and bring in traffic to a website; creating a website that not only looks safe but also has security measures to keep customers and their data safe is important. Websites might want to follow GDPR policies and fill out all the essentials in the GDPR essentials box in order to become compliant.

Code editor - Features for experienced coders and senior web designers. You can edit your code manually and the app does some HTML / CSS coding to apply new features. If you need to insert a piece of your own code, please make full use of "custom HTML blocks" so that third-party code can also be integrated. The bad news is that the editor is a paid extension.

Drag and drop blocks – in order to create your website, all you need to do is choose a theme as a base to drag and drop blocks inside. There are many different ones available to customize your website. Each block has further personalization options so you have very rich customizability.

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How to create a website with Mobirise

After you’ve installed the Mobirise software from their website, these are the basic steps that will take you from running the software to getting a basic website completed:

  1. Run the latest Mobirise best website maker – Click on the desktop icon for Mobirise and you can start building your website.
  2. Click on the create a new website, type the website name and select theme – After you’ve run the program, you can create a new website and click on the create new website tab and select your theme. By default, there will be basic Mobirise themes like Mobirise 1, mobirise 3, mobirise 4. If you’re not satisfied with the pre-installed themes, you can choose more themes by selecting the “More themes” option.
  3. Drag and drop blocks inside your website according to your needs – mobirise comes with a ton of customizable blocks; select the blocks option and drag the blocks you want to add. For instance, there are blocks for your hero section, your testimonials, comment, social media sharing, text, link and more. Choose the block and customize your website according to your needs.
  4. Each block is further customizable and has a ton of additional options you can edit – check each of those blocks out and change them according to your needs; you can change size, text, color, image, position and a lot more.
  5. Save and publish – After you’re finished editing your website and making it truly yours, you can simply save your work and publish it on your hosted server.

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NOTE: Mobirise is just a website creator, you will have to purchase the website hosting as well as the domain name for your website. If you want help with the specifics of publishing your website, you can take your way to the mobirise FAQ and help section.


  • The website maker is free
  • Simple to use without needing to code
  • Professional looking templates
  • Choose a niche quality response template
  • Rich selection of building blocks
  • This program is ideal for novices
  • Rich extension set.

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  • Hosting and domain are still needed to be purchased

Is Mobirise actually worth it?

If you’re looking for a site maker that is easy to use, free and helps create stunning websites without any coding then mobirise is the way to go forward.

However, if you’re adept at creating websites and want something truly unique and personalized, then you might want to look elsewhere.

While this best website maker is powerful, it lacks the features that a typical website builder has. For people who want a quick website and something to work for personal or small business, you can go for it. For people going for larger setups, it won’t be a preferable option.


Mobirise is a great site maker; you’re getting premium features and professional themes for free and you don’t need any programming know-how to get it done. This software is the best for small-scale setups and personal blogs. For larger-scale projects, it doesn’t have the power needed.