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What is difference between WOWSlider and dynamic image slideshow?

Q: I am confused, you seem to sell both programs (WOWSlider and VisualSlideShow). What is the difference between them? Which do you recommend as more stable and features... cost seems to be the same?

A: The main difference is engine. WOWSlider is jquery-based, VisualSlideShow is mootools-based.
WOWSlider and VisualSlideShow provide different templates and transition effects.
WOWSlider app. allows to insert several separate slideshows per page, you can add only one slideshow per page with VisualSlideShow app.
WOWSlider app. can generate modules for WordPress, VisualSlideShow app. can not.
VisualSlideShow app. allows to add music to slideshow, WOWSlider app. doesn't allow to do it.
Also WOWSlider is fully responsive and can work as pure CSS slider (when javascript is disabled in the browser). VisualSlideShow doesn't provide these features.
WOWSlider allows to use landscape and portrait images in the same slideshow, VisualSlideshow doesn't allow it.
All images should be pre-loaded before slideshow will start the playing with VisualSlideShow. WOWSlider provides "On-demand image loading" option for slow servers or large number of images. This option means that only first images should be pre-loaded. Other images will be pre-loaded from script during the playing.

Also, the price isn't the same. The current price of VisualSlideShow Unlimited Websites license is $69. The current price of WOWSlider Unlimited Websites license is $99.